Is there a data analysis app that overlaps dexcom and medtronic data?


I use my medtronic 670g: without the guardian sensor about 1/4 of the time and with the guardian sensor about 3/4 the time. I use dexcom g6 nearly all the time. Is there an app that I can use to see BOTH my pump and dex data in one place? I’m most interested in overlapping basal and bolus data from pump with dexcom data

Tidepool allows medtronic and dexcom uploads but it doesn’t seem to overlap data (I see either dex or medtronic data on the graph - not both). Maybe there are some settings I’m missing on the website for data display?


I was going to say tidepool but I don’t know that I’ve ever checked if there’s a way to overlap the data.


If you can’t overlap in the tool, Tidepool looks like it has the ability to export the data, and then you could visualize it from the database download.


And, if you had access to any photoshop (or similar) software, I imagine you could layer them on top of one another, to get one picture, with both sets of data.


@Chris @Tapestry , hmmm ok thanks! So it sounds like tidepool is my best bet but I need to do some more investigating :thinking: I’ll post after I play around with it a little bit


After poking around on the website, I decided to contact their support team. Also, @Chris I wasn’t able to find how to export data from tidepool. Have you before?


Here you go:



Some updates:

  1. Tidepool allows for SOME medtronic pumps to be uploaded and viewed along with dexcom cgm data - this does not include the 670g however
  2. From Tidepool support:

Thank you for your email. We don’t have the ability to show multiple concurrent cgm streams at this time - but you are not the first to request this. It is an uncommon use-case, but it is something we are now thinking about - including potentially being able to toggle which devices are visible. I’ll pass along your feedback to the team!

  1. Anyone know if nightscout might be able to do the trick here?
  2. I’m going to look into the exporting of data and see how simple it would be to try to overlap dexcom cgm with medtronic bolus/basal data… not optimistic though on the ease of this one

I’m interested in this because in the future I would like to be able to ditch guardian sensors and solely use the dex g6 with my 670g as a dumb pump. However, right now being able to analyze the effects of different kinds of boluses and basals (and my work in progress of carb counting) on my blood sugar is invaluable for me


Well, you can input your basals and manually enter pump stuff (boluses and temp basals), and it will overlay it on a graph with Dexcom CGM data. As far as I know there’s no way to just upload pump data, I’m not 100% sure on that though I have looked around a bit.


Nightscout’s visualization is also not fabulous for data analysis. It does some of this but it’s just not very pretty.


I mainly use a day-to-day view of blood sugar right now. Does night scout have a daily view feature/do you find it helpful if it does?


Nightscout has reports, one of which is daily view of the graphs. Here’s an example of a daily graph from when I actually bothered to input all my treatment decisions :stuck_out_tongue:

I do find it helpful to see the treatment decisions there together with my CGM trace, but it does require a lot of commitment to get the amount of data necessary for it to be helpful. At this point I typically only enter stuff in if I have something I’m trying to troubleshoot or experiment with. When I was first trying to get my act together I did it for a few months straight.


Thank you!!!


So I did a little research on nightscout. For medtronic pumps, it seems like pump data can be uploaded and viewed in real time remotely: https://github.com/pazaan/600SeriesAndroidUploader/wiki/Prerequisites

But for that I’d need an android and it an OTG plugged into it constantly to be able to stream the medtronic data.

The second problem I see is that for creating your website when starting up (if I’m understanding this correctly?): there are medtronic coding instructions and dexcom coding instructions. I’m not sure if it’s possible to double code (sorry for noob coding language lol) the two

I want to say that I may be totally off for what nightscout is and how it works because the coding and website were a little over my head not going to lie


Looking over the Medtronic and Dexcom share instructions on the setup page it looks like they probably wouldn’t interfere with each other so it’s definitely worth a try to go for both if you want to go through all the trouble to get the carelink thing working properly :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not sure if it will cause issues but you can always go back and change things later, I can definitely try to help if you run into issues with Nightscout (whether during setup or later down the line)

Edit: I do notice that the setup page says the MM carelink instructions don’t currently work though, so I’m not sure what the status of that will be. You could always set it up for Dexcom now and add the stuff for the pump later.

I’m not totally clear on if the MM instructions are for the Medtronic Connect CGM rather than the pumps, and whether you need the carelink login at all if you’re doing the Android uploader thing?


I don’t think I’ll go down the NS route because I don’t have an android (which are required right? basing that off of a NS post from 2014, but their android requirement may have changed since 2014?)



It’s not an app – you can’t see it on your phone (tho I don’t use a phone so I could be wrong about that) – but in Diasend/Glooko, you can select Comparison > Day-by-day and then “Print to PDF”. This downloads a report where for each day you can see basals, boluses, meter and CGM readings, and carb info combined:

Or you can do Comparison > Day-by-day and then print “Day by day overview” to get all the same data in a different format:


Really cool, and thanks for the pictures. This is the kind of analysis tool that tidepool offers that I really love. It’ll be my project tonight looking into uploading medtronic and dexcom data


Yes I think you do need an android if you want to do the real-time pump uploads, probably mostly because you can’t plug things into iPhones like you need to do for the pump uploader.


So it does! I don’t use Tidepool much, since I already use Diasend and Clarity, so I haven’t dug around in it much.