How to share looping data with doctors

I use and omnipod and dexcom g6 and will start looping soon. How do I share all of the relevant info with my doctor? Glooko (my doctor does use this currently) for the G6 data and something else for the omnipod data? To my surprise, I haven’t been able to find any answers for this anywhere online.

Glooko lists Omnipod as one of the compatible devices, so you should be able to use that. also supports both devices.


Looping would not involve the omnipod pdm though. The phone/ipod would hold the programs that perform the function of the omnipod pdm. I believe glooko pulls info directly from the pdm unless I’m mistaken. Perhaps I didn’t give enough info. I’m currently on the old omnipod so I can’t use tidepool when it becomes available. I will either be going the route of Loop (from loopkit.github) or Omnipy. I cannot find anything on those sites, or anywhere else online, regarding getting the info from those programs into the hands of your doctor though.

@Hobbzz You could setup Nightscout which provides great reports which you could share/print for dr.

Also, if you install Tidepool Mobile app, Loop data (via Apple Health) will be sent to your Tidepool web account which you could share/print for your dr.


Awesome. Thanks for the help folks!

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I print out 2 of the Nightscout reports for my Endo and that worked well for my first appointment after I started Looping.