Is there a data analysis app that overlaps dexcom and medtronic data?


Yup! They just pushed this update today, but here’s the view of daily data - really just makes it clear and easy to connect what’s going on insulin wise and blood sugar wise. Also you can add notes via the app to mark whatever events (like eating or if your site falls out or you’re sick or exercise or whatever)


@LarissaW, which site is that? Looks good.


@Chris my bad for not clarifying. That’s tidepool with my medtronic data uploaded




Is there a way to upload the Dexcom data without using the reciever?


I don’t use the receiver at all. If you click your name at the top of the webpage (I’m assuming you’re on a computer) (also here’s a view of the “basics” page):

Then scroll down, you should see the “my data sources” here where you can connect to dexcom and the data uploads through your dexcom account


Ok exciting news!

I tried uploading before with only some medtronic sensor data and with dexcom data and was thinking that dexcom would fill in the gaps where I didn’t wear the medtronic sensor for a few days (it did not.) But I will try going sensorless (from medtronic) for a few days and upload the pump data without sensor data and see how it goes to see if dexcom will then fill in for the cgm!


Great news


UPDATE: Tidepool worked with displaying 670g pump data and dexcom g6 data!!

To be able to do so, all sensor settings must be turned off on the 670g, and there cannot be any medtronic sensor data since last pump upload.

Also shout out to Tidepool support services because they were very helpful and responsive.