Dexcom G6 Apps - help needed!

Less than a week ago, I started using the Dexcom G6 (am using MDI and Afrezza for corrections.)

I installed the Dexcom G6 app on my Pixel2 phone. (The receiver is my backup.). G6 app has input for quantities of insulin and carbs. That’s it.

I would like to write in notes, and WHAT I eat instead of quantities of carbohydrates. Additionally, it would be most helpful to document Afrezza usage and dosage. What app would allow me to do this? I want to be able to identify “difficult” foods, foods that spike me…etc.
Which app is more flexible in allowing the user to write some notes? I am not that tech savvy and am looking for a simple, easy to use app that will let me:

Look at my BG
Look at the effect on BG of WHAT I ate

It would be more useful and meaningful to me when I see a spike and can tell, for example, it was a banana, rather than 40 g of carbs.

Guidance/suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I would suggest XDrip instead

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I will ask the obvious question:

What is X Drip and what does the Xdrip do?

Please explain Xdrip simply so that even someone as clueless as I am can understand it.

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Here is a good discussion, with some sceenshots.

Basically xDrip is an android app, that does what dexcom app does AND MORE.

It is grass roots, developed by folks on their own time, to provide a tool more helpful functionality to users, parents, etc. It keeps adding new features, without need for fda approval, so is “use at your own risk”. The latest G6 transmitters send the bg value to xDrip on phone. In xDrip, at any time you can create events to show activity, food, etc.

On android phone you download the latest release, set some parameters, set up bluetooth connections, and after sensor warm up you start seeing the bg values.


It sounds like I must uninstall G6 App and then install XDrip.

I am very simple; I have no Android watch. The doctor or CDE will probably want the data at some point in the future. Clarity is on my phone. My phone battery seems to be draining very quickly recently.

Should I check in with the XDrip expert, @docslotnick?

,Don’t have to uninstall dexcom app, just leave transmitter id setting blank while you check it out.

You can continue to use receiver to also collect data, or others may know how to get from xDrip to Clarity, tidepool, etc.

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Great idea for omitting the transmitter ID!

@MM2 - do you use XDrip?

XDrip does not seem to be in the Google app store. :thinking:

@lh378 Unfortunately, you cannot use xDrip+ and the Dexcom app simultaneously. The short of that is that xDrip+ does not upload to Clarity. So if you want Clarity reports you need to use the Dexcom receiver, which will work simultaneously with xDrip+.

What is xDrip+? Well, it is an open source app for Android and it does what the Dexcom app doesn’t do. Like predictions, IOB calculation, dosage estimation for carbs and correction,customizable alarms, a MUCH better display, statistics on the fly, excellent suite of reports, sharing options,and many more options that are numerous. I, personally, would be lost without it.

Where do you get it? You have to allow for downloading apps from unknown locations on your phone. You have to visit this site on your Android phone.

There are no directions. Just download, open it, and it will guide you through. Let me know if you need help.


@docslotnick -
Thank you for the quick reply.

The link for downloading is not working. Am I doing something wrong on my phone?
It was suggested by another FUD member that I leave out the transmitter ID while I get comfortable looking around the XDrip. Can I do this?

I have used this link.

Expand the Assets
Click on first file (apk). Make sure already set android to install from unknown.

After download, find the file and click on it to install.

@lh378 Sorry. I was on my PC. The correct address is

That page gives you some screenshots and explanations of the app, and a link for downloads. Get the latest nightly download.

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I think that there is another option:

Many people upload their CGM or BGM to the Tidepool app (see which is, I think, a cloud-based app where you can view your uploaded data. And, many endos and PCPs can see your data to when you go in for an office visit.

I do use the “main” Tidepool app and like it.

There is also a “mobile” Tidepool app that runs on either iOS or GoogleOS that allows you to enter other data and upload that to your main Tidepool app … presumably with appropriate time stamps.

Here is the description of the mobike Tidrpool app:

Get Tidepool Mobile

Add context to your diabetes data with Tidepool Mobile. Make notes about what you’re eating, what you’re doing, or anything else.

While I haven’t used their mobile app and don’t know exactly know how those notes are displayed along side your G6 data, it sounds as if it is very close to what you are hoping for … and you could continue to use your G6 app.

Maybe the main downside is that the main Tidepool app only runs on a Chrome browser.

Stay safe!



@MM2 and @docslotnick

I downloaded and installed X Drip. I read the Warning.
Filled in the transmitter ID, sensor code. I started the sensor on 8/8, not today. I uninstalled G6 app. Now what?
When I open the app, top of the app in red:
“G6 state isn’t currently known”
“Next connection will update this”.
what does the above mean?

Is the start date of the sensor 8/8 a problem?
XDrip does not seem to be collecting data.
Yikes! Please help.

Check the system status screen, swipe to see 2nd status screen. Confirm the transmitter id, and Bluetooth connection, and sensor status.

(Left top corner, 3bars, to find system status.
Right side 3 dots, select view event log for other info.)

This is the system status screen.
I have this notification on my Pixel2 phone:
“BG reading is unavailable.”

What is connection status on first screen ?

Any messages in event log?



@MM2 and @docslotnick-

Is the sensor start date of 8/8 the problem?

If I stop the sensor on the XDrip and “restart” using today’s date, will it cause my sensor to stop? I don’t want to stop the sensor. For some reason the XDrip does not seem to be collecting/reading BG…