Xdrip g6 state isn't currently known

Can anyone help me?

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Sure, @docslotnick and/or @elver have helped many and should be by shortly. In case it is helpful here is a link to a decent thread on the G6 and Xdrip.

@Nikoniko2809 A good place to start would be to tap on tap on the setup wizard button to make sure settings are corre.

I have this error, also. I changed the sensor today, and now I can’t get things going on my Samsung S7 again, after the 2 hour wait. . I’m using a Sony Smartwatch 3, though, and that seems to be working. I’ve rechecked all the XDrip+ settings, and restarted my phone. Don’t know what else to do. Please help!

This may help, though I doubt it will fix the problem:

Thanks for the help. I’ve figured it out. The Dexcom transmitter was broken

So I just cannot seem to catch a break with this G6. I thought with Xdrip+ my sensor would keep going…NOPE! It stopped at 1721! I want to scream ands cry all at once. What the heck did I do wrong? I started with a new sensor AND transmitter 10 days ago. Geeeze. Can someone please help because I swear I am NOT taking this thing out of my arm until I have exhausted every option known to man.