Xdrip stopped working

I just downloaded xdrip today and for the last 4 hours this is all it’s doing. I have read all there is to know about troubleshooting and I did EVERYTHING but it still frozen. Can someone please help Thank you

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Hi @CarrieM,
I’m sure several of our resident XDrip experts like @docslotnick will be along soon. In the meantime, several things you can check.

In the XDrip program, go to Settings>hardware sources> and check G5/G6

Then in settings>G5/G6 Debug Settings, check OB1 collector.
Scroll down in same menu as OB1 Collector, and check G6 Support.

It’s my understanding as a G5 user that those settings cure many of the G6 woes.

If you need any other help, don’t be shy…there is plenty of help here.

I have done all those things that you mentioned and nothing seems to fix it. Thanks for your help

Hi @CarrieM First, what phone are you using? Do you have a receiver? I assume you did the Source Wizard so settings should be correct.

My first G6 sensor was defective, and so was the transmitter, so that could be a possibility. Dexcom replaced them both.

I have a Samsung s10 and it was not compatible with dexcom app itself. I do have a receiver which I do carry with me as well since I can not use the dexcom app at this time and yes I read all the trouble shooting out there I could find and nothing. It seems to be working on and off again . I get numbers then it quits.

@CarrieM In Less Common Settings> other misc options make sure “Samsung Workarounds” is checked.

Also, there have been reports of xDrip+ problems with the S10. In fact, there is a thread concerning it. @pastadude came up with a workaround.

Keep running xDrip+ and the receiver simultaneously. XDrip+ may mysteriously stop acting up.

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Yep that’s checked off to. I guess it’s just the phone. Hopefully the issue resolves but thanks for your help

@CarrieM Make sure you check out the whole thread mentioned in my previous post. We’ve had good luck with a couple of S10 users.

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I use a Pixel 3 xl and very recently had some issues with xdrip not working. Wondering if there was an update that had some bugs? Went to Dexcom app and much prefer Xdrip. Will try again on my next sensor.

@adstew Did you try the latest nightly version? Go to settings> xDrip+ Update Settings>Update Channel and choose Nightly.

Then go to the main screen and tap the three dot icon on the upper right and choose check for updates.

That will keep you updated with the latest version.

Mine does have an option for nightly its says stable beta and alpha

@CarrieM You should choose Nightly.

Alternatively, you can go to this site (Github) and download the latest version:

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Thank you