xDrip+ problem with new G6 transmitter and sensor - sensor stopped

Hi all,

I’ve just got xDrip+ up and running on my OnePlus 6T and I’m having some troubles.

I had about three readings after I had done the initial calibration. The readings were coming through as notifications (along with an attached mmol number) however it was still displaying as ‘LOW’ in the app. When I tried to recalibrate, the app said that it had rejected the calibration and it had stopped the sensor. I did reset all calibrations however this doesn’t seem to have helped anything. I have now had 53 mins without any readings and the sensor has been stopped.

Any ideas as to how I can get this going again?

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Hi @teflonjoe and welcome! @docslotnick is our resident XDrip expert. Frm my limited XDrip knowledge, make sure in hardware data sources you have the G6 selected as the source. Also under G5/G6 debug settings scroll down and make sure you have G6 Support selected.

Also, as an aside…You are running just XDrip, and not XDrip and the Dexcom app concurrently, yes?

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Hi @elver

Thanks for your response. I had the hardware data sources set up in that way and the problem did not improve. I was not running a Dexcom app concurrently. I ended up solving that particular issue by stopping the sensor completely and starting it like new. In the end however I faced more issues and eventually the sensor failed less than 24 hours in. I swapped the sensor with another new one and it’s been OK since then.

Just got to persist with the learning curve!


That’s what we do here! :smiley_cat:

@teflonjoe that’s great! Glad you got it working. Not sure if you know, but XDrip can also upload to a NightScout instance (which can be created for free) . NightScout has some fantastic reporting tools for even loopers. NightScout also allows you to view your bgs in a browser tab, and anyone with the URL can also follow you.

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@elver Funny you should say that - I built my Nightscout site today! I haven’t had the chance to go in to the details of it all yet however I will definitely spend some time looking at the reporting. If it can offer similar reports to Dexcom Clarity (or better) it will definitely help when I communicate with the diabetes team at my local hospital.

@teflonjoe. My Care team actually prefers the NightScout and Tidepool reports to Clarity. I have completely stopped uploading to Dexcom. Plus, I feel good about donating my data anonymously for research on Tidepool.