Xdrip+ suddenly stopped uploading data from G6



Hi all, this is my first post. My husband is Type 1 and uses a Dexcom G6 transmitter, that uploads to xdrip on his phone and/or watch. Today I put a new sensor in for him and for some reason it won’t connect to the xdrip on his phone. If he force connects it to his watch he can get readings but nothing on his phone. Has anyone had similar problems recently? Tia


@hopadom, welcome to the forum! And so sorry for the problem you are running into :frowning:

Not too many people have that combination (G6 + xdrip) running yet—but, if anyone, I think that @docslotnick or @Aaron may be the ones that can help you. Doc, Aaron, what do you think?


Thanks for your response @Michel. Hopefully someone knows something :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @hopadom Welcome to FUD!

I assume you are coming from the G5. There are some settings on the phone you need to make for the G6. The reason the watch works as a collected the way it is, is that it doesn’t know the difference between the G5 and G6 transmitter signal. But the phone does.

First, on the phone run the data source wizard. Long press on the xDrip+ blood drop icon on the home screen and you’ll get the option for the data source wizard.

Select G6 in the wizard. Then go to settings> G5/G6 Debug and check that “I am using G6” is checked.

That should get you readings with the phone. You may need to wait for the 2hour sensor warm-up, but after that it should work.

Let me know if you have any problems with this after you do all the steps.


Thanks @docslotnick. The phone was previously working ok until yesterday when it kept missing readings. Then overnight it stopped altogether. He’s coming from a G4 but as mentioned, he’s been using the G6 for a couple of months now. We have done all that you mentioned earlier but still nothing :frowning:


Are you using the OB1 collector? That is a major difference between the G4 and G6.

Also, I would recommend using the latest nightly build. You can get it here:


I had a similar issue when I changed sensors a few days ago. After reading this thread, I changed my settings to nightly updates, downloaded the latest, and then forgot and reconnected to my transmitter’s Bluetooth. The transmitter is connected and providing data, so fingers crossed it’s a solution.