xDrip+ and re-calibration issues


Hi all, the calibrations I make sometimes don’t stick, which has been happening from the beginning of my xDrip+ use (a few months ago) – unfortunately I’ve always had to re-calibrate it at least once every few days (over a number of sensors), which is annoying but a tradeoff I would grudgingly be willing to make if necessary. Is there way to keep this from happening? I despise the Dexcom app but it did stay quite accurate over the full sensor life, so hopefully I can do something to get xDrip+ to stay that accurate without needing to re-calibrate and then worrying about whether I’m seeing the right reading.

This time I tried starting it up with the receiver at the same time when I started the newest sensor, but the issue remains.

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I believe you can have XDrip+ use the same algorithm as Dexcom, or you can choose to use other algorithm’s. Are you using the Dexcom one?

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Is that the “Native Algorithm” setting? If so then I do have that enabled, yes.



@Headlands if you are using XDrip in conjunction with a Tandem pump, you can force the calibration through the pump. On the next sensor push, XDrip will follow the pump calibration.

@docslotnick might also have suggestions. You could PM him…



@Headlands If the calibration does not sync up with the calibration table, xDrip+ will reject it on the G6. Sometimes the blood test does not even stay in the main screen graph as a small square.

If it really bothers you, you can turn off native mode and see if that helps.

As you can see, calibration is a different animal on the G6.



I think the calibration issue @Headlands is speaking about also exists on the G5, at least for me. If the Calibration figure is outside the expected scatter I get an Error 17/Rejected message. I just force calibrations through my pump so I don’t have to deal with the rejected calibrations.

I also use the Contour Next One which plots the data point regardless of XDrip’s rejected calibration. I generally add a contextual note so my care team has an idea of what’s going on when they examine the data on Tidepool.



What does that mean exactly: Sync up with the calibration table? I can’t trust it all of the time, which is dangerous, so if I can’t remedy it then I can’t use xDrip+ reliably…which would be awful due to the unbelievably poor Dexcom app.

I’ll try turning off native mode and see if that makes it work properly.

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What Dexcom version are you using?
What version of xDrip are you using? Last stable was in January. Are you using a more recent version?

Without this info, who knows?
Sorry, but not nearly enough info to help you.

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I stopped using the Dexcom app months ago and xDrip is whatever the latest version was 8 days ago when I downloaded and reinstalled from scratch, 1904011302.

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