Help with xDrip+

I have been trying to get the xDrip+ app to work on my Samsung S9+ phone and after I figured out how to download it, I started with a new transmitter AND sensor. I clicked on the G6 in the options and clicked on Use the OB1 collector, Native Algorithm, and Go on without calibration options under the de-bug category. I was under the impression that my sensor would just keep going after the 10 days but it stopped. I tried re-starting it but it has not worked. It either fails or it gets in a loop of requesting calibrations only to reject them. I want to scream I am so frustrated. I was met with a tripled co pay in January. Can someone please wlk me through the steps here?

I am currently using the libre, but keep searching the forum/internet, there seems to always be a way, but the g5 is different from the g4, and the g6, and most recommended unpairing the Bluetooth, Putting the transmitter in the microwave, making sure no one uses it, etc etc