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Hey Everyone!

I am having trouble with my xDrip+ app. I have been using xDrip+ app for about 8 months and I had no problem with my glucose readings or linking my Dexcom G5 to my phone, which is a Galaxy Note 5. After doing an update to the xDrip+ app and it being time to change my G5 Transmitter, I started having trouble with the readings. My glucose readings are showing up in straight lines, like the readings are not showing up in an organic way. I’ve turned the OB1 Collector off and this where I’m at. When OB1 Collector is on, the app gets stuck on the Initial Collecting process. If any can offer some help or something else that I can try, I will truly appreciate it.

Thanks in Advance!!


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@phil121879 Welcome to FUD Great to see another xDrip+ user around here! We do have some long time xDrippers though.

Which update did you apply? You should download the latest nightly update and that may solve your problem. Go to Settings>update settings>Update Channel and choose nightly. Then on the main screen tap the 3 dot icon on the upper right and choose check for updates.

Also, in settings>less common settings>misc options make sure “buggy Samsung Workarounds” is checked.

Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks docslotnick for welcoming me to FUD!

I’ve tried everything you stated I should try. I installed the newest xDrip+ app, which was Nightly build 19th May 2019. I started the app as if I just put the transmitter on. I waited the 120 minute warmup and then the collecting Initial Readings comes up. It was trying to finish this process all day. It would only finish 3 out of 4 readings, it would never finish Received Enough Good Data to Calibrate. After waiting, I thought I would try changing a setting or 2 and see if the app would work after resetting my phone. The only thing that seems to work is turning off OB1 G5/G6 - Use the OB1 Collector. The Old G5 collector settings are all checked. My glucose readings still showing up in downward slope and don’t look like real readings. When I check my glucose with my meter, the numbers are way off. Do you have any other suggestions maybe help me correct the problem?

Here is my system status

@phil121879 This is really a weird situation. You must be at your wit’s end.

In settings>G5/G66 Debug Settings check “use OB1 Collector”, “allow OB1 unbonding”, allow OB1 initiate bonding", “scan for G5 constantly”, Authenticate G5 Before Each read". For now, also check " unbond G5 before each reading".

About OB1, you really should be using this collector. It is much better than the original xDrip.

In Less Common Settings>Bluetooth settings, check " Turn Bluetooth On", “Bluetooth Watchdog”, and “G5 Bluetooth Watchdog”. Near the bottom check “always discover services”. Also in Less Common Settings, check “Aggressive Service Restarts”.

Still in Less Common Settings, tap on other miscellaneous options, check “Rub Collector in Foreground”, if you have a Samsung phone check “Buggy Samsung Workarounds”. Also check "Proper ongoing.

Recheck your Data source setting

This should get your transmitter and sensor going.

Let me know.

This is my first post. I’ve got a G6 and a Samsung S10e. Obviously, the regular Dexcom G6 app won’t link with the Samsung. I could use some help please. Also, don’t know what xDrip is. FYI, I’m using an Omnipod. Got the Dexcom reciever to work, but it is unwieldy. Need phone to work with G6.

Thanks in advance.

@almost50years Welcome to FUD! Fifty years means you’re doing something right. That’s awesome! I’m only at 48, but I’m almost there :blush:

XDrip+ is a ten speed, while the Dexcom app is a tricycle. If you want to give it a whirl, go to:

You first will need to enable downloading from other sources on your phone.

Then, before opening the app, follow the instructions written by @Pastadude to get it to work with your S10.

If this seems too much for you, go here to make Dexcom work with ANY phone:

Just ask if you need any help. Us old guys need to stick together!


Another option is this link, which I tried first, before xDrip. It is std dexcom, but modified to work on non supported phones.

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