Issues with X Drip+ - Latest build, Sony XZ3

Hi, new member.

Little history, had a good experience with a trial G6 and X Drip+ so bought new started set- transmitter & 3 sensors.
Used patched Dexcom app - and seems to be working though have had a number of Signal loss events which seem to eventually clear up.

Have tried numerous times to get X Drip working with new transmitter and sensor and simply cannot. Have uninstalled, cleared data, cleared cache. Nothing seems to help. Latest nightly build.

System Status page shows Bluetooth Link connecting , Brain State waiting connect.

Patched Dexcom app seems to be working.

All suggestions greatly appreciated !


Which xDrip Version are you running? Android 10+? Please try the latest nightly build: (this link is for the 29th Jan 2021 build being latest at the time of writing)

Latest build always found here: Release Nightly build 29th Jan 2021 · NightscoutFoundation/xDrip · GitHub


Sorry, just noticed you mentioned “latest build”. If this is the case, have you followed the set-up instructions found here? Please check step by step.


Thanks for the replies.

I have no idea why but it is now working… Must be a moon phase thing lol. Now to start working on Android APS - goal is to start using Omnipod in the future.

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It’s possible only one of these apps can get data from transmitter. So if problems again, uninstall one of them or blank out transmitter id on the one you’re not using.