Xdrip question and help

Hi! New here! I am trying to get set up with xdrip on my iPhone and having a difficult time. Here’s the thing… I have been using sugarmate for a long time which I love! But lately something is major wrong with it :weary:
I am unable to get pop up notifications every time the Dexcom refreshes and now it’s not working on my Apple Watch! I am going insane trying to fix it!
I love this app because it calls me when my son goes below normal and that is a huge help to my husband and myself. But… I am going nuts not seeing it on my watch. I also love the ± feature with how much he is rising or dropping. Does xdrip do these features as well? I am sooooooo not techy AT ALL! I would love some direction. Thank you so very much!!!

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xDrip+ only works on Android phones. The spike app which is similar to xDrip+ works on iPhone.

Thank you! Do you know if it has the +- values?

I don’t use it but since it is based on xDrip, it should! :slight_smile:

Weird thing, I can’t download it. It says it’s not available in this region :woman_shrugging:t3:


You should be able to download it from the above link. I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure why it’s not available for your region! :frowning: If you click on the Manual install, then you can build the application yourself on your Mac computer in Xcode, then install it. Although it looks like you need the Developer Account (Apple charges $99 / year for this). The “Semi-Manual” install doesn’t appear to have the Apple Watch app, just a Watch complication which may not be sufficient for your use.

I use the official Dexcom App on my iPhone. It comes with a Dexcom app and complication for the Apple Watch. But you are right, it does not include the ± values on the Watch nor on the iPhone :frowning:

Maybe contact the developer of SugarMate, Josh. He should be able to help you get the notifications working. It could be an issue with Dexcom Share. Maybe the Share service is temporarily down?

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