Tandem Mobi pump approved by US FDA

It turns out that the FDA approved the Tandem Mobi pump a couple weeks ago, but I hadn’t heard. They expect limited availability late 2023, full availability 2024.


I like the idea but it seems like a line extension. They don’t mention anything about the price. It should be less expensive than the tslim as no screen etc…

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@bkh I was notified the day Tandem announced. I am on the list for 2023 beta testers…crossing my fingers I am chosen.

My Tslim is working just fine, but is a few months out of warranty. I have purposefully been holding off upgrading because I really want the mobi.

I use relatively little insulin (low carb diet, active, adjunctive therapies) and the mobi would save me $ on insulin with a smaller reservoir, much less tubing.


Appears it only supports IoS app.

  • Mobile App Control – Full iOS mobile control through a user’s compatible iPhone

Hoping android follows soon.

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I’m interested in this too and put my name and info in for availability updates

Is the current version of Tandem controllable from your phone at all? Can you do anything with your iPhone on it?

According to this guy, bolus commands can be sent to the pump and he tried it and it works. You need a new enough version of the app and the pump software, supposedly both are currently available. (Pump software updates only for those still in warranty, because of Tandem’s evil policy to try to force replacement of perfectly-functional but out-of-warranty pumps.)

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Thanks @bkh.
I don’t know much about Tandem stuff. Can you explain the draw of the Mobi, if phone boluses are already available on a current version? Is it a smaller size that people are looking for?

As I understand it, the attraction is getting the t:slim algorithm and conventional infusion sets in a pump that’s very much like the Omnipod.

The Mobi infusion sets can use a 5-inch tube with the pump taped onto the body next to the infusion set, so there’s no exposed tubing or equipment.

And the Mobi isn’t disposable, for those who care about throwing away the Omnipod hardware with it’s batteries every 3 days.

Also, with operation from the phone, it’s completely discreet as long as the pump bulge is hidden by clothing.


To add to @bkh 's answer the use of several infusion sets over OmniPod is a plus.


Here is a good video


Hopefully they update the mobile app. Current version you can’t see any history of daily insulin totals which I like to see, but you can see all the data on the tconnect website. Other than that it is good.


Thanks @bkh for explaining some of the advantages of the Mobi. Makes sense to me.

I’ve been using the Tandem Tslim for 6 years and I’m a Tandem fan. Having a smaller pump has a lot of appeal to me and after @bkh’s explanation, I have an even clearer sense of why Tandem would make a product like this.

I’d also add that it looks a lot less expensive to manufacture than the current version, so that is exciting as well. Really helpful to have this kind of discussion about a new product.

Btw, Tandem stock symbol is TNDM. I have been a stockholder for several years.



I would only consider switching from the t:slim X2 to the Mobi if it supports using U-200 insulin.

I’m using U-200 now in my t:slim because I only get 2.5 days per cartridge with U-100. Going from 3ml to 2ml of insulin would mean changing/filling the cartridge every 1.67 days.

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I’m the same as you with holding off getting a new pump (switching around with handouts from various Americans with benefits). I can only get one every 5 years where I live in Canada. Whether Canada will approve the Tandem Mobi is another issues - since we’re a much smaller demographic than the USA - we’re only 40 million here. Not a big profit margin for many medical corporations or insurance corporations here (in Europe we call insurance companies - microbanks ).


I just started the process to get a new tslim (my current one has been out of warranty for almost a year) and be able to switch to the Mobi when it comes out for $199. I decided on this route because I am super interested in the idea of the Mobi, but this way I’ll have 90 days on it to decide whether I want to keep it or switch back to the tslim.

FYI to other folks waiting on the release - I had been hearing in them trying to sell this program to me that the Mobi release would be “late 2023 or early 2024” but I heard on the phone just now only “early 2024”


I had filled out the form to be told when the Tandem Mobi Pump was coming out. I just got an e-mail that a limited amount will be available the end of this year. I have been very interested in this because I am having more and more issues with pods. But I don’t think the Mobi is what I was looking for, plus I like to know how people feel about it that try it first. I also just ordered the Dash System about a month ago and want to try that first anyways.

There seems to be a lack of more specific information about it on their site. Especially since I swim with the Omnipod. I believe the Mobi cartridge itself is water resistant, but still not meant to be underwater? Which means, detaching the infusion set from the cartridge and I actually like getting some insulin on my swims. The cartridge set itself can deliver a bolus by button without using the phone PDM which is a great plus though. (But not while underwater.)

Hello from Tandem! We are reaching out regarding your interest in the Mobi. A limited release of Tandem Mobi is expected to start in late 2023 with full commercial availability planned in early 2024. If you purchase a t:slim X2 insulin pump before December 31, 2023, you may be eligible to switch to the Tandem Mobi system for a one-time payment of just $199 once commercially available. (restrictions apply) Please call us at 877-801-6901 opt 2 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

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BTW, hey - haven’t seen you posting in awhile (I’m not much better) - but glad to see you’re hoping to be on the Mobi soon. I’m like you, in a holding pattern with which pump to go on. I’m actually using a few various hand me downs from folks with benefits (I’m in Canada - land of socialised health care - but crappola for technology coverage dependent on which rich province you live in - sigh). I just did a sail trip from Halifax back to Lake Ontario - and had met up with a few T1D’s along the way - and lucked in on at least a years supply of Eros pods - all expired - but working fine - so I’m good to go until hopefully the Tandem Mobi is maybe approved for use here in country above you that shares the continent of North America :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on the process - will be following all of your adventures with this new technology!