Tandem Mobi: Approved for Me but Tandem SIGI Seems Better

I am approved for a new Mobi system and seeking feedback from users, Likes, dislikes, The Tandem Sigi looks much more user friendly and is entirely tubeless, also using interchangeable insulin cartridges, so no self-fill. Might just wait unless their is an upgrade pathway.


When will it be released? If it hasn’t started the FDA approval process you should look for another option.

I was originally going to get the Mobi (as I’m a big fan of the Control IQ algorithm) & ultimately I decided to go another way.

I spoke to my endo about it and they hadn’t been impressed by the Mobi’s on-body sites. Their stance was more or less also that if you’re going to be running your pump entirely via your phone you may as well use one of the (more customizable) DIY systems. So I’ve instead been running iAPS & Omnipod Dash for a few months and been generally very happy with it.

I agree with you, the Sigi does look like a big upgrade over the Mobi but yes I think the release of the Sigi is quite a ways off. Tandem acquired the original company behind Sigi (AMF medical) only last year so I suspect there’s a fair bit of work to do to get it ready for FDA submission.