Tandem 2021 virtual R&D day

Yesterday Tandem had a virtual meeting to talk about their plans for the future. I did not attend, but the slides are available via https://investor.tandemdiabetes.com/static-files/3a50186e-0afd-4d84-8ff0-17a53183af11

There are slides about business and strategy aspects, but the ones that interested me are about future tech plans.

I see that they’re looking into adding more infusion sets.

There will be a t:slim X3 that will be have a longer-lasting battery and unspecified user-interface improvements.

The t:sport has been renamed the Mobi. I see that it has a flat back and rounded front. In the first application it looks like it will be a clip-on with the option of conventional t:slim infusion sets or maybe sets with really short tubes. It looks like it would be possible to tape it onto the skin, but it looks to me like the back edges would dig in. However, the next step is a new insulin cartridge that has a right-angle infusion cannula or needle built in, plus a disposible adhesive cradle (“Mobi:tubeless”.) So you stick the cradle onto your skin, then fill and prime the cartridge, and when you snap the pump into the cradle, that inserts the cannula, giving something along the lines of an omnipod, but maybe a little bigger and heavier but reusable rather than disposable. The Mobi will not have a dedicated controller device, it will be operated from a phone app. (The pump has the control-IQ algorithm built in, it gets CGM data directly from the transmitter, and it has a physical bolus button on the pump so the phone isn’t continuously essential.)

The timeline shows Mobi, then t:slim X3, then Mobi:tubeless.

It looks like they’re working on some kind of auto-tune to adjust the parameters of the control-iq algorithm to improve time in range and decrease time below range. Also “alternative targets” which maybe means we can set a lower BG target than we have now, and “new meal bolus features” which I guess is some kind of extended bolus feature, and “enhanced exercise options.”

They want to operate with Dexcom, Abbot, and other CGMs.


Interesting news, Thanks for Summarizing @bkh


That would be a pretty big plus for me. :+1:

Any idea of time-frame for these releases?

This part is a bit of a pause for me. Like I still need insulin while it’s charging, so what would I do? It’s not like the current one where you can charge it while you are wearing it.


I didn’t hear the talks. Maybe they’ll post a recording but there wasn’t one this morning.

I also wonder if there is a charge cable socket or if it is strictly wireless Qi charging. I can’t tell from the picture.


That design seems to look worse than what I saw as the t:Sport.
I know that the t:sport was originally planned for end of 2021 time frame, but was pushed back to Q1 for 2022. Who knows what the mobi will be now for timeframe.

Based on that design, and required use of a phone, I will probably wait for the new X3, whenever that one is planned for.

Either way, still exited to see progress, and actual data on new stuff!

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If battery life is like the x2, you can charge while showering and pretty start each day at 100% battery. In Covid mode, I think I went 4 or 5 days without charging🤪. So charging not my biggest concern.

(Assuming you can slip the Mobi out of the holder)

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Thanks so much for posting this @bkh . I forwarded it along to my endocronologist (sp) as he has become a tandem jockey.

I met with him on Monday, and we spent almost all our time discussing ways to most efficiently use the pump - like entering exercise mode a couple of hours before exercising, and using extended bolus.

It’s almost like joint problem solving - we have a set of tools (like the pump) and a set of behaviors and physical conditions (exercise, my specific type of T1 diabetes). And the goal is to use the tools to achieve an objective.

It was very helpful to me but not very efficient for Joslin or my endo - to spend half an hour with each patient customizing their approach. I do appreciate it though, and recognize how rare this kind of experience may be.


Good point. I didn’t even think of that.

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