Remote bolus for Tandem T Slim x2 from cell phone

Switched from Animus Ping to Tandem T Slim X2 over a year ago. I really miss the remote ability of the Animus Ping system. Has there been any talk of Tandem possibly adding a remote bolus ability to the T Slim that can be controlled by a cell phone or a meter like the Ping did? It would be a great feature so you don’t always have to pull your pump out to bolus especially when in public. I like the tandem and had very little issues with the exceptions of filling the reservoir without air.


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I don’t use the t:slim and don’t have a direct answer to your question. But if you want to bolus with the pump in your pocket, you can use the quick bolus feature (I think that’s what they call it…each pump company calls it something different). The t:slim is the only pump that lets you set up this feature so that you can bolus by either unit or carbohydrate count.

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Great answer Jen. Just found youtube.
I have easy bolus on Medtronic, and was hoping there would be similar on t-slim. I use it frequently.

T slim quick bolus

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It’s on their roadmap, but it will be awhile until you will be able to control the pump through an app. They will deliver the app this year that will allow you to view your pump settings and remotely upload your data to tconnect, but you will not be able to control the pump. I don’t think they have given a timeline when that functionality will be delivered.

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Agree with @jim26

The Canadian X2 pumps are already prepared for this. You can see an extra screen in the Canadian X2 User Guide that pertains to this.

The USA X2 pumps will require an update to make them compatible with the Tandem Mobile App. Tandem is also committed to having the Control-IQ available to the USA X2 customers this year with my guess being the Sept~Oct 2019 timeframe for release of the update. I don’t think Tandem has the business bandwidth for two USA X2 updates so I expect the single USA X2 update released this year will provide both the Control-IQ algorithm (while removing the Basal-IQ algorithm) and provide the capability to connect the X2 to the Tandem Mobile App. (Just a guess.)

As @jim26 says, the first version of the Tandem Mobile App will provide you the READ-ONLY ability to see pump data on your phone and have your phone upload that data to the Tandem Servers. I am not positive but I think this first version will also allow remote caregivers to remotely view that pump data as well.

When the Tandem t:sport is released (projected Summer 2020) the Tandem Mobile App will provide 100% full control over the t:sport.

What is not yet announced is whether or not Tandem will allow a future version (after the initial Mobile App release) of the Mobile App to provide control over the X2 pump.


It seems like it took them a while, but this feature was just cleared by FDA: