Remote monitoring boluses from child's tslimX2 + Dexcom G6?

Hi - my daughter (Jasmine, 5yo) just switched from the 670G + Guardian to the tslimX2 (basil IQ) + Dexcom G6. With the 670G we had nightscout and were able to see when she was bolused at her preschool and could see IOB at any given point. With the tslim + Dex we can follow and see CGM readings but it doesn’t show any boluses or other insulin data.

Is there any way to remotely monitor boluses and/or insulin administered from the tandem pump? I don’t necessarily need to bolus her remotely however would like to see that she has been bolused especially when she’s double arrows up after lunch to ease my worries.

This is my first post and have been reading many different posts throughout the day. I apologize if this was covered somewhere else but couldn’t find it. Thank you all for this wonderful forum!!

Nick (Jasmine’s dad)


Not at this time. Tandem was supposed to launch their read only smartphone app alongside control iq, but obviously that didn’t happen. They’ve said nothing about it since control IQ was released, but it was listed in the pipeline section of their website until recently and now it’s gone.

The nurse can mark a bolus in the events section of the Dexcom app. At least you’ll be able to see when she got a bolus on the Dexcom graph.

Remote bolus over the internet will never be a reality from any pump company that wants FDA approval. Too much risk


It probably won’t help for a few years, but when we first started, my son texted us when he bolused and we consulted when he wanted to do something different from what we agreed on. Maybe the caregiver can text you the bolus amount if nothing else.

Btw - no need to apologize for creating a new post. The more the better. Even if they have already been answered. We are here because we want to discuss stuff, not create a static place.


Thanks Jason!! Really appreciate the response! I’ll check their website and monitor for updates.


Thanks Chris!

Tandem talked about the read only app on their last earnings call a couple weeks ago. It will be out in 2020 and if I understood correctly it will be in the next few months.

From the call:

To that end, I’m excited to share that we’ve been working on this feature for the t:slim X2 for some time, and our goal is to submit a regulatory filing for our mobile application with remote bolus capability for the t:slim this summer. This submission will be bit of a unchartered territory as there is not a commercial precedent for mobile control from an insulin pump using an unrestricted mobile device. And so the approval timing is difficult to predict, but as we are preparing to launch this feature in the US in the second half of 2020.

As with our other software updates offer to the Tandem Device Updater, we intend to offer the software update featuring remote bolus delivery free of charge to all our in-warranty t:slim X2 customers in the United States. The mobile app with remote bolus capability for the t:slim X2 and full remote control for the t:sport really brings us to the third major R&D focus, which is our digital health initiative. We are in the process of launching their first generation of our new mobile app this quarter, which is particularly exciting as is the foundation of our digital health strategy.

The first generation of the app will benefit patients by allowing our t:slim X2 to wirelessly upload data from their pump and CGM to our t:connect data management application. This is a significant feature as it takes away a manual step from our customers and their healthcare providers of having to upload pumps through a USB cable to see tracking and trending information in t:connect

Yeah - the original app due with ControlIQ was supposed to be read only. It would be nice if they put that out while we wait for FDA approval on remote bolus.

Not to mention that tconnect uploader doesn’t run on Mac OS anymore. They were supposed to release an update to the uploader with ControlIQ as well, and that didn’t happen.

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Gee - maybe these are more complaints that should be in the Control IQ complain thread :stuck_out_tongue:

The uploader is a nightmare with a PC as well. I’m an Apple fanboy and I have to keep an Alienware laptop around just to download Tandem software updates. Tandem has not had a compatible software program for macOS in two years. What should be a 1 minute task of uploading pump data takes 30 minutes because the software never recognizes that the pump has been connected. My Endo’s staff hates Tandem’s software because it’s a pain in the a$$