Bolus from T:Connect Mobile

I signed up a while back to get this update early. It requires a 2 part online training. I had difficulty with the 2nd part slide 14 of 36 stopped about halfway through on my Mac Book Pro. I had to finish on my iPad - go figure.

After the training there is a quiz. Then you get your code for the updater. I had the updater already on my laptop, but you have to download a different one.

It requires removing the cartridge and unless there is at least 70u in the old one, a new cartridge. I had a bit of trouble getting my pump to the screen that allows entering the update code. Once that happened it was easy peasy.
When done, you need to restart the Dexcom on the pump, so have your code handy.

There is no need to change mobile. The App evidently recognizes the updated pump. I did a 0.1u correction bolus to try it out.

I only cussed a little, mostly at my cat who wanted to stomp on my keyboard during the process. :pouting_cat:


Totally get that! :smile_cat:


It is really a very minimal improvement. More needs to be done to make T:Connect Mobile a virtual PDM. I suspect that will come with the release of MOBI.

Here is a rundown of the Tandem Mobi outlined at the recent R&D Day:

  • roughly 50 percent of the t:slim X2 size
  • will hold 200 units of insulin in the cartridge
  • operated solely by an iOS or Android smartphone
  • allows for wireless charging
  • has a bolus button on the side of the device
  • waterproof
  • compatible with the latest “iCGM” devices like the Dexcom G6
  • has an embedded Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) algorithm to be compatible with Tandem Control-IQ features
  • compatible with current Tandem infusion sets as well as a future 4-inch set in development
    Tandem Diabetes Care Plans for Future with Technology Choices

What would you like the app to do that it doesn’t? My assumption about the Mobi is it would be a Tslim with identical functionality controlled at the phone.

Everything you can do at the pump, especially being able to acknowledge alerts, CGM calibration


I realized another benefit of the bolus from your phone update. When I have my sunglasses on, the Tandem screen is blank. I suppose because they are polarized lenses. This is not a problem on my iPhone screen.


I cussed a lot because the Samsung Galaxy S22 isn’t on the list of approved Android phones.

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