Supply bags

Hi guys, another thing I wanted to share was this site for everyone, you can even take a little quiz to help you find the perfect bag for you, I have gotten two different bags an just recently the second one which so far has been the perfect bag by far in my years,

Yes, I am a woman but I hate carring things, so I am happy that I found a pretty small bag to fit all my supplies in.

Go take a look and let me know what you think.



A few links for you with some stuff for carrying.

I am not much about fashion, I just want everything I need in a compact container, and nothing extra…




And my favorite is for the strips. It holds them and lets you take one out easily. For adventures:



I am the same way Eric, and oh my ggggg. I have been dreaming well it was a thought, of something for test strips…I am in awh. aha.

I’ll add to the links.

What strips do you use?

I have been planning on making some for people. Michel mentioned it last week. I can make a few in my next batch to share, if you or anyone else wants one.

They are an ideal size for when you are moving. Easy to get a hold of one, but not too big to be cumbersome. And they will not fall out no matter what you do to it!

They fit most strips. FreeStyle, Contour Next, ReliOn. They may not fit really wide strips, so it kind of depends on what strips you use. The Contour Next is the widest strip I use. Anything wider than that makes it a bit tough to load.


Their meter cases look good, but I prefer cases that have a transparent loop for to hold the meter or something else that keeps the meter in place. I find it very impractical if you have to take the meter out of another internal pocket, especially if there’s no table that I can use and I have to measure my BG while standing. Because then I tend drop everything that isn’t held firmly in place.

Actually, this particular case is horrible, because a button of the meter is hidden under the black elastic part of the loop and the case is so horribly small you can hardly close it if you put a meter, strips and a lancing device in it.
If Myabetic had something similar, but better, I would consider ditching my Contour case in favor of one of theirs.


I made this a while ago.

Strips, BG meter, and lancets built into a watchband.


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how big is this holder?

I think (that sounds bad) mine are Freestyle. lol

I understand what you mean, I can relate, but I am very happy with the one I have now and it was an easy change to slide the meter in and out of a pocket instead of the clear loop. I have emailed them before with ideas I had, I’m sure they would like to hear from you with what you would like, they are growing with new bags often.



I always like free stuffs, so don’t forget about me! :slight_smile:


Which one? The strips?

Oh right, dumb of me. If you are on omnipod, that would be FreeStyle.

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Just ordered one of the bags.

The Thompson Diabetes Travel Carry-All (Black Leatherette). I had seen one like it before, but didn’t purchase it. It’s that time…we are still using the small camo bag that the hospital gave us 1.5 years ago, for our son. Upgrades are always good!


Boo, in this thread we discussed some other bags:

@Chris’s son and mine use the same one. They are a lot less fashionable than yours, which looks much nicer :slight_smile:


yeah strips. It looks big in the picture but maybe that’s zoom?

It is:
56 mm long
14 mm wide
18 mm tall



Neat! Another idea to add to my upcoming birthday wishlist (which currently consists of instant pot accessories and medical alert jewelry…I live an exciting life, obviously). :laughing:


That is an amazing product - the strips, BG meter, and lancets built into a watchband!


My Myabetic bag arrived today. I like it. There is a compartment on the side that is insulated for my supplies that need to remain cool. Here it is all packed up. Finally putting the old camo bag to rest (but not throwing it away…may need it someday. lol)

T1 Alert Zipper Button

Bag Pockets - Labeled

Small Side Compartment

Large Side Compartment 1

Large Side Compartment 2

Center - Two-sided Compartment area