Travel Bag Recommendations

So, I’d love to get recommendations from you all as to what bags you use to carry all your D-Equipment in. We are still using the small “cammo” bag that was given to us from the hospital when Liam was diagnosed, but it doesn’t fit everything that I’d feel comfortable carrying with us…especially for overnight/weekend or longer trips…(pretty much replacements for everything he has to wear (pump/cgm) and all the “stuff” that goes with it all.)

I’ve been researching options, but before I pull the trigger, I’d love to get input from the community because you all know best what’s practical, functional and fits everything we need.


I have found a lot of cool stuff at military surplus stores. The look a bit more rugged, so you won’t look like a soccer-mom carrying the stuff around, and they have a lot of things with zippers and numerous pockets and stuff.


What’s your budget? Presumably as cheap as possible?

Budget isn’t critical. It’s a long term investment so I don’t want cheap. His Diabetes isn’t going anywhere (in the very near future anyway.)

I got a purse from Adorn designs that basically has space for everything but it is dowdy IMO. After having become inured to diaper bags I guess I’m less self-conscious about its lack of fashion-forward aesthetic. The messenger bag might be a little bit better?

Not sure if this is big enough for you, it is what my son uses everyday. We have three so we can wash one every so often without disrupting his mojo.

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what are all the items you put in there?

The messenger bag is quite nice. I wish they showed pictures of it spread out…totally opened, etc., though. They only show one side open. But it looks large like we’re looking for. Thanks!

I know this isn’t what you were looking for, but I wanted to share it. This was a waterproof container I made with an Otter Box (which they no longer make, sadly).

It’s waterproof to 100 feet, and holds syringes, meter, strips, lancets, and insulin.

Very small, durable, and totally waterproof. All the stuff is held in place, no matter how crazy the waves get.


That is cool. Do you always use a syringe and vial instead of pens? Why not upgrade to the pens? I find them tremendously more convenient

When going on a weekend trip (or even overnight) anything that I’d use at home, I take with me.


  1. PDM / Lancets / Prick device
  2. POD replacement
  3. Insulin vial(s)
  4. Cotton balls
  5. Skin-Tac (bottle)
  6. Unisolve (I use the liquid, not the pads)
  7. Tegaderm film
  8. CGM replacement packet
  9. Syringes
  10. Alcohol wipes
  11. Receiver for CGM
  12. Snacks / Juice boxes / Glucose tablets
  13. Glucagon kit
  14. Anything else we can fit in it that makes sense.

No, I generally use pens for most stuff. But the syringes are very small and portable! And easier to carry waterproof when diving or sailing.

At home I use the Luxura pen, but it is much bigger. So when I leave the house, I generally use the Humalog Kwikpen which is smaller, but does not have the 1/2 unit doses that the Luxura does. So I fill the Kwikpen with 50% insulin and 50% diluent, so that I can do 1/2 unit doses.

And for the micro-bolusing, I use the Luxura pen, but filled with 20% insulin, so I can do 1/10 unit doses. Confusing, eh?

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I carry my concealed weapon in one of these, but it isn’t big enough to carry everything we need for our sons supplies. Thanks for the recommendation! It’s actually probably what he’ll use when he starts school…fashionable, and big enough for him to carry whatever he may need when he’s at school during the day.

They might not make that otter box but the pelican micro cases are essentially the same thing… they go for about $15 and you can purchase the carvable foam inserts for them… search pelican micro case on amazon… a number of different sizes and clear or opaque colors… plus anything from pelican just gets you instant street cred


Reviving this older topic as times/availability may have changed. I’m headed to Disney World in a couple of weeks with wife, daughter, son-in-law, and 5 year old grandson (first trip for him!). Would appreciate comments from the FUD group, particularly those who have learned from experience what to take to the park(s).
Considerations: I’m on MDI w/Novolog/Lantus (split dose, think avoiding REQUIRED hotel return for dose), GluTabs, Baqsimi, gel packs to keep insulin cool. Looked at insulated fanny packs (most too big), a shoulder bag (only if taking more stuff for the group), and possibly just using a Frio Duo pack in small case w/meter/strips/needles in my wife’s carry bag. Suggestions?

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I would not worry about keeping your insulin cold for the time you are at the park. A frio isn’t really going to do much unless it has access to air for the cooling to occur. I think another thought, would be to get a small syringe case and carry marked syringes that are preloaded with your insulin and leave the vials at the hotel. If you are using pens, I would just carry the pens in your wife’s carry bag.

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Chris, Thanks for the response and suggestion. Haven’t don’t much traveling since going on insulin a year ago. I’ve read the several discussions here on FUD about how much concern to have over insulin (I use Novolog Flexpen and Lantus Solostar, am getting a NovoPen Echo shortly and may try an Omnipod in December).



Just to ease your mind a bit, my son is storing 3 months of insulin (Lantus and Humalog) at room temperature in Alabama and it is working just fine. If you do go on the Omnipod, be sure to bring a spare with you in the park.

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If you are on MDI, for a day at the park, just bring a small pack that holds both basal and rapid insulin. If you use a pen, bring spare needles. If you use syringes, have some spare ones in the pack. But you can reuse them without a problem.

No need for cooling at all. Totally unnecessary.

Also bring a meter and strips, and whatever you use to display your CGM, like either the phone or receiver.

That’s pretty much all you need. Why would you bring glucose tabs? They sell sugar every 12 feet! :grinning:


:blush: yup, they sell a lot of sugar in parks.

? Maybe I only want 4 grams of carbs, so bring glucose tabs? I find that if I eat food, I overeat and have too many carbs :worried:.