Your best diabetes carry bag?

I recently posted about a carry bag we use in summer when we travel, when we need to use a Frio bag for insulin. But that bag is not our favorite bag for everyday diabetes carry: it is a bit too heavy.

This is the one my son uses all the time:

We have run through two of them already, and had to reseam one of them once – so it is not the best manufacturing I can think of. But it small, light, compact, and can take all of the everyday diabetes gear plus plenty of glucose. It is cheap enough (about $15) that I always keep a spare at home.

Be aware, btw, that there are two different bags of different sizes for sale on this page – this link brings you to the small bag, which is the one we use!

What is your favorite carry bag?

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That is the exact bag we use, it is a perfect size for testing and treating supplies. We have three in rotation, since they get dirty, and my wife likes to ensure they are somewhat clean. The only one we have completely lost is the one that was stolen with all of his dia supplies :frowning:

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Jeez. Who would do such a thing :frowning: ?

We have diabetes pull tabs on his:

My thoughts were that (a) it might remind my son it’s HIS bag (he forgets everything) and (b) it is possibly a theft deterrent?

We had the full monte, pull tags, his name and our phone number sewn into each compartment, a note that says to please return with no questions asked we need his medical supplies. It all walked. We looked through the restaurant three times, checked lost and found, nothing. Then one of the members on the other site said to check the trash in the bathrooms, since most people grab them, and rummage right in the bathroom then throw it in the trash.

We didn’t do that, although I feel stupid for not thinking about that angle.

I lost a little respect for humanity after that one.

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Truly despicable.

A backpack that looked like this would be a great theft deterrent!


I like that approach. Probably would’nt be good for his dating, but he would definitely have dia supplies.

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This is mine.

Tactical Pouch - Compact Water-resistant Molle EDC Utility Gadget Gear Tools Organizer - Bundled with Keychain Flashlight (ACU)

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Allen, do you carry it in a backpack, or in your hand, or ?

If I’m hiking I put in backpack or attach via Molley rings. If not I’ll carry it and just take out just what I need for restaurant, like my Afrezza. I’m never happy with carrying anything though. :slight_smile: I like the sling bag too and was tempted to get that one but I like this smaller one and it’s super well made.

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The Dexcom receiver fits in the side pocket perfectly also as does a cell phone and an insulin pen fits in the long tube pocket. It’s like it’s made for diabetes. :slight_smile:

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I just carry a somewhat customized glucose meter bag that comes in the box when you get a new meter. I carry extra insulin, pen needles, syringes, test strips, poker, meter, insulin pen, inhaler, and some spare change.
Small and roomy at the same time. And the price is right.

Edit: forgot the image

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