Need Diabetes Case ideas, help

Well, Samson’s Camo insulated lunch bag that he got from the hospital at diagnosis finally broke a few days ago, so we need a case that is decently small, fairly robust and easy to carry.

It needs to hold:

  • glucagon and case

  • insulin pen in holder + insulin

  • spare infusion set and reservoir

  • glucose tabs and gummies

  • blood glucose meter, strips and case

  • spare battery for pump

  • alcohol wipes and IV prep pads

  • ketone meter and strips

  • Dexcom receiver and phone

  • Riley Link or other elecronic devices

  • insulated pocket is nice but not a must have; we don’t rely on the case’s temperature regulation to make sure the insulin stays cool, but will instead come up with another solution like a Frio if we go to a warm climate.

Any suggestions? Samson is 38" tall, so he’s a bit short and swe don’t want to weigh him down with something too heavy or large. We tried a Myabetic case and a) it broke and b) it didn’t quite fit all the stuff he carries around with him. The camo bag was just a tiny bit too large and so when we fit it into his back pack with his lunch box, it got overstuffed and he sort of wobbles backwards when carrying both.

@ClaudnDaye, what does Liam use, as I’m guessing he’s in the rough size ballpark as Samson?

We use (and LOVE), the Thompson Diabetes Travel Carry-All.

It’s got a ton of space and it’s not that large of a bag to carry with you. Because of it’s design, it has many different storage areas without increasing the overall size of it. Check out my review done when I purchased it at the above link.

We couldn’t be happier with our bag.

Having said this…Liam doesn’t carry around his own bag, but he does get it for us from time to time and he doesn’t have any problems carrying it.

The bag carries everything you listed above (or has room for the things you listed), and it’s got an insulated pocket.

Link to the actual bag

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Don’t know if he is big enough for it, but this is what mine carries everywhere. We have it in two colors so we can wash it occasionally. It is pretty amazing after baseball season what it looks like.

They are cheap, and I think I could get everything you mentioned in it.


This case looks like it could fit a lot:

It does seem a little large, but you have quite a few items on the list. What would be the ideal dimensions?

The backpack @Chris posted looks nice though. Are you set on finding a case that fits inside Samson’s current backpack? If so, what are those dimensions?

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The pack I listed is small enough to easily fit in a backpack also. Just throwing that out there if you are trying to fit a bag within a bag, Tia.

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@ClaudnDaye, do you think this bag would fit everything listed above plus a few other things - pill organizer, two epipens, inhalers, eye drops, and some cleaning wipes? I"m looking for an everyday case to use (and maybe a new travel case, or two) and this one you linked to looks like it could be what I need, as long as it’s not too bulky. I’ve been using Medicool cases (the Dia-Pak Classic and Dia-Pak Deluxe). These cases are nice in that there are two sizes, so I can use one or the other or both depending on the length of my trip. But they are not very expandable, so don’t fit a whole lot of bulky items (like epipens, inhalers, glucagon kits).

Also, where did you order the little Type 1 diabetes logos? I wouldn’t mind ordering a few!

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After putting everything that you saw in it in my review I have between 25 and 50% more room if I really needed it.

I don’t believe you will have any issues at all fitting everything you need into it. And when it is all zipped up, it is surprisingly small.

Regarding the pins, I’ll have to check and get back with you on that.

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We use these sling bags too and love them. We buy another every 9-12 months, because the zippers fail eventually. We always have one or two in reserve.

In winter, they will fit under a heavy jacket too, so the insulin doesn’t freeze. But my son looks like Quasimodo then.

They can be carried on the back, the side, or the front. Very versatile. When they are not crammed, the “open” pocket will also carry a water bottle.

ideal dimensions are a wee bit smaller than a lunch box, so about 9X7X4 maybe?

The case @ClaudnDaye recommends has dimensions of 9.25” x 7” x 3.75”. So that’s pretty close. :slight_smile:


Here’s another case I’ve been eyeing. Hmm, decisions…

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There is a questionnaire to help you determine the best product. I have the Cherise and have been satisfied with the functionality of the bag. The bag is vinyl, not leather. I have actually received compliments as to the appearance of the bag.


Hi @lh378, we actually got an extremely similar case from Myabetic (the cat one rather than the dino but the dimensions were identical) – and the zipper broke immediately and it really didn’t fit everything it was supposed to… We carry a ton of stuff with us and find that we just need one large zipper pouch and that we prefer to have everything else just free in the bag. We don’t like having lots of separate pouches.

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Sorry to hear about the broken zipper. The quality of workmanship is not the best for the one Myabetic product that I own. It is the functionality that is its positive attribute. Let’s see if mine lasts more than a year. I usually expect my leather handbags to last 2 decades.

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Our case construction was great. No complaints at all and it’s constructed very well. Did you reach out to them and ask for a replacement Tia?


@TiaG, I concur with ClaudnDaye’s suggestion for you to reach out to them about the zipper.

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I don’t like many of the diabetic cases. All the compartments are made for devices that may or may not fit what I want to put in there. Or they have places for things I don’t carry. And sometimes they are very flimsy.

I have had luck with camera cases and things like that. Sometimes you can just find something where everything fits well for what you need. And they are usually very well made.

Things like these, for example:



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@Eric What is the middle one- is it a camera case or a key caddy, or a cell phone case?

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The ones in the images above aren’t mine, I just grabbed a few images off google. But they are generally things meant for electronic accessories and tech stuff. Things like chargers and cables and usb drives and stuff like that.

But I have a bunch of things like that. Here are a few of mine.

Here is one on Amazon that is similar to some of the ones I have.


Here is one that is a bit longer if you wanted to put a pen in it: