Looking to organize my diabetes kit

So I have largely given up plastic in my life. I do still use it for a few things (in particular medical), but I try not to buy it if I don’t have to.

I carry a diabetes kit with backup pump supplies and the like. I keep infusion sets, reservoirs, pen tips, insulin pen, and bandaids/tapes/swabs all in one pocket of this kit. It has two other pockets where I store medications, ketone meter and strips, spare batteries, wet wipes, and other bits and pieces.

In the past, I’ve had a small ziploc bag with alcohol swabs, bandages, various pre-cut tapes, and so on. That plastic bag has worn out and so I’m looking for an alternative. I was thinking that some sort of flat, mesh bag would be good, but I can’t find something small enough for tape and bandaids.

I also used to store my pen tips in a plastic bag. When that wore out, I replaced it with a large sized GoTubb. But that doesn’t seem the most effective, since the container itself takes up space. I’m thinking some sort of small zippered or draw-string pouch would be good, but again, can’t find anything that’s super small.

So I thought I’d post here to see if anyone has any product suggestions. :slight_smile:

How big/small do you want it?

Are these too big?

Thanks, @Eric! I think both of those look too big for what I have in my head.

I’m thinking of something maybe the size of a change purse, except flat.

Here’s the kit I’m using:

I have all my pump-related stuff in the larger mesh pocket on the right.

I’m looking for something that would easily fit inside that pocket, maybe be half its size, since the infusion sets take up a good chunk and are pretty bulky.


Pretty huge compared to what you’re looking for. I can fit anything and everything in here, including ice packs and water bottles in summer. Always a few days worth of snacks inside too.


Yeah, I do have a backpack that I carry around as well. :slight_smile: But I keep my diabetes stuff (minus my meter kit and glucose tablets and glucagon) in this little kit so that they’re not just randomly scattered all over my backpack.

I’m currently trying to lighten my backpack. I can’t drive, and my backpack was (and still is) often ridiculously heavy. In part because I have to bring my own food everywhere due to severe food allergies. But I am trying to use lighter items where I can.

What dimensions are you looking for?

I’m thinking about the size of a 3x5 index card or even slightly smaller. Like a small, flat change purse except mesh or some other thin material.

Interesting, I am thinking of having a small 3 x 4 wallet made out of leather that can function as a minimal kit and wallet. i.e. small meter, few strips, 2-3 syringes, pen vial of insulin, and a small finger poker. With a small spot for cash, and three slits on the outside for drivers licenses and a credit card or two. Should be good fun when we are done.

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@Jen. What about using a compostable sandwich or larger\smaller bag? They should be readily available in Canada, by a variety of manufacturers at a variety of price points. Biobag and Bags to Nature are the larger Canadian compostable bag manufacturers. When the bag is worn out, add it to your home compost and start again…dirt to dirt.

I use eyeglasses cases from the dollar store to carry around my vials and syringes. Hard cases. It’s not fancy, but it’s an easy way to keep the stuff protected.

And the other picture… of the very organized stuff, is my case that my dear friend, @Eric, sent me. It’s my true emergency pack. It’s like an escape pod… I remove it from my much bigger piece of luggage I carry around (not shown) and take it with me when I just need the basics. So my bigger bag might contain some of the other things you mention, but this one is easy to grab when I’m headed out to get my kids and stop at the playground or something… If that makes sense. Don’t know if any of that helps.


this is rediculously AWESOME!!! why didnt i think of this??? :wink:

(you guys are not kidding around here; you mean business .)


we store our wipes/bandaids in an old altoids tin. Maybe not as compact as you’re looking for though?


Also you can check out stashers.

Probably not cheap though.

3x5 sounds just about exactly the size of a test meter case, which is what I always use to carry around my test/bolus supplies. It fits in my front pants pocket, which is my primary requirement. I think you could swap in some of your pump supplies if that’s what you need storage for.

The advantage of using the case that comes with your meter (besides the obvious fact that it is free) is that it includes strips and lancet holder, and the pockets can be used for whatever else you need (in this case two bottles insulin, two syringes, three smarties rolls, extra lancet, few dollars to buy candy if needed, pair of folded reading glasses).

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Yeah, small enough that its hidden under the smarties. Seems unnecessary since I’ve been carrying it around for five years without needing it. But I once lost my lancet holder when I was at Brimfield flea market, and had nothing to get blood out (and this was before I used a CGM so I really needed to test my blood).

I ended up scouring my car for something to use and settled on an old thumb tack I found under my seat. If you have ever tried to intentionally stick yourself with a thumb tack you’ll know why I added an extra lancet to my carry-around kit.


5.5 x 3.5 - this is my favorite small case. It’s the Myabetic James compact kit. A bit pricey but well made. The mesh compartment easily holds an insulin vial and alcohol swabs.

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Hi all, thanks for all the ideas!

Just to be clear, I already have a diabetes kit that I use. But what I’m looking for is something that can go INSIDE that kit to hold just alcohol swabs and tapes and such as there’s no dedicated pocket for those.

If I could take just the mesh pocket from a meter case, then that size would be perfect. But I’ve been unable to find a product like that (that isn’t a larger case).

For now, I took my old Bayer case (which is horrible as a meter case, literally just a mesh pocket and a mesh zippered pouch) and put some pen tips and alcohol swabs and such in there. It fits, but is a bit large/bulky compared to what I really want.

My kit used to be fully organized, but then I switched to a pump with much larger infusion set packaging and different packaging for reservoirs (narrow hard plastic instead of flat soft plastic), so that’s what’s thrown everything out of whack. :slight_smile: Well, that and deciding to get rid of the plastic bag.

Also, I have looked into biodegradable plastics, but they always concern me because they’re often made of food starches and I can never tell for sure that potatoes are not one of the foods those starches are derived from. But I am continuing to do more research on this.

How about something like a credit card holder? These are about 3 x 4 1/2, and very flat.

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Yes! I was thinking something like this yesterday. It even has different pockets for the different tapes/swabs. I’ll look into it and probably order one. :slight_smile: