Looking to organize my diabetes kit

How about…


3.5 X 4 I think??

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Yes! That is the closest yet! I think it’s pretty similar to the meter case I’m already using, though.

Ideally I’d like something like this, but a much smaller size. I think 3 x 5 that I originally described is too big…maybe 1.5 x 3 would be more like it.

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I found the perfect solution! Take the inner pouch (the one with the beads) out of a mini size Frio and it fits everything perfectly while still being flat.

That will at least tide me over until I can find something similar without the beads (ideally with a zipper). :slight_smile:


I have a collection of used zip-locks, I just re-use (not recycle) them.

I buy on Amazon, I just keep getting them.

The important point is that I do not dispose of them until they are non-functional, but then that’s pretty much the same as everything else I own; I do have a rather large collection of used, but still perfectly functional, screws. I hate the philips head because it is actually designed to ream out if the pressure is to great; once a philips head has gone the screw no longer functions as a screw. These days I am more careful with my screwdriver.

BTW, this post is entirely serious.

Afterthought: I am disposing of used Omnipods now, even though they contain three perfectly usable lithium cells and some electronics that I am sure could be repurposed. Dang, we can’t win by changing ourselves, we really do have to change everyone.

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As far as I know, ziploc bags can’t be recycled.

I started trying to reduce my plastic use about two years ago. I did as you are doing: just re-used ziploc bags whenever possible. The package that I had lasted me those two years, but now it’s used up, and I’d rather not buy another if I can find a solution that’s reusable.

Why, that’s the same kit I use. No need for pump supplies (I don’t use one) but plenty of room for needles, pen tips, meter, strips, poker, insulin pen, band aids, Neosporin, candy, extra insulin cartridge, AND an emergency lancet.

Don’t leave home without it.

Of course, that is “can” in the sense of “it is theoretically possible”, but since China stopped accepting US waste I agree maybe “can’t” could be more appropriate.

It’s polythene, PE; the simplest organic plastic there is. It’s thermoplastic, so if you heat it it turns into a big glob which is basically harmless and if you heat it enough you can burn it and gain energy. (That’s because it is just carbon and hydrogen, burning it makes CO2 and water, you can dissolve the former in the latter if you want.)

If we take the time to capture it we will not have a problem.

Fortunately, I’m not in the US. Our province (British Columbia) does most of its own recycling and my understanding is we’re largely unaffected by China’s decision. Your post prompted me to do some googling, and it appears that as of last year, our recycling depots are now accepting ziploc bags and other types of plastic, which is great!! I already save a bunch of plastic packaging, batteries, electronics, and other things to drop off there periodically, so it’ll be easy to add ziploc bags and things like bubble wrap to the mix.

Of course, ultimately we as a society need to cut down on our use of these things. Recycling isn’t going to help the long-term problem.

sheer genius. i’m going to start doing this. thanks for the idea. just brilliant!!! :clap:

I have a couple of bags I’ve designed for type 1. … you can see em here… ThisDiabetic.com


and yes I’m a type 1. 30+ years

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