Nicky's Chip Challenge


Okay… don’t think I don’t see what’s going on here with the bombardment of chip images and happy people…
@elver, @T1Allison… I thought you guys were better people than this. @Eric, no. But you guys…


@Eric’s the one who ordered the Code Red on chips.

I’m just amusing myself with an audience. :smile:


Yup. It’s not only you you’re amusing. I need to put my phone down and stop watching Jack Nicholson clips. :rofl:

Which rhymes with chips. Right? You saw that, too??


Is it a subtle hint that @Eric’s not acknowledging any of this? I mean, I basically wrote song lyrics for him but it was a classic movie tirade…but still…


Maybe next time we can do a tootsie roll pop test to see how many licks to. The center of the pop… :dango:


Hate on me all you want. Stare at that bag of chips and hate me for all you are worth. Hate me because I am telling you that you can’t do this, and that you do not have the discipline and self-control to resist. Hate me for all of that.

Glare at that bag of chips and know they are mocking you the same way I am.

They own you Nick. How does that make you feel? Does it PlSS you off?

What are you going to do about it? Prove me right by eating one now?

Or spend a little more time focusing on what an ass I am being, before you eat one?

Hate me all night long. I can wait.


I am so very glad after reading this thread that potatoes have no power over me when it comes to cravings… Now Olallieberry pie on the other hand…


Same here :slight_smile:

Now chocolate…

There is always one craving that will get you! Show me a human with no cravings and I will show you a liar :slight_smile:


I think Eric has two modes, maybe more… subtle doesn’t fit into any of them. I don’t think.


Does “able to binge on potato chips” not fit into the definition of Unlimited now? :stuck_out_tongue:


@glitzabetes, how bold of you…:hugs:

I’m trying to figure out why it doesn’t work in my situation, and I think it’s as simple as your assumption I can ever not binge on them.


Unable to NOT binge on potato chips… That’s my problem… or my weakness as Eric likes to call it. All over the place and to everyone who is listening. :grin:


@elver have you been to Lynn’s in Cambria!?


Yes Nicky, you have it. Being able to binge and finding a way to make that work into your plan is Unlimited.

Being unable to stop yourself when it does not fit into the plan is limited.

I told you I was worried about doing this to you. But it’s too late now.


If you would just eat the damn chips they wouldn’t glare at you or tease you anymore.

What’s the point of not eating them, other than they are baked and not fried?


I have cravings, but pizza places don’t put anchovies on their pizzas any more.


Okay. I’ve stopped laughing. I’ve been giggling and carrying on and passing back and forth in front of the pantry…

Then giggling more…

Then finding myself in the pantry with the lights off.


And now I’ve stopped laughing. Because here’s the second part… and as long as we’re doing this, I’ll do this part, too… I might be able to stay away from the chips. Might. For now. Because this is how it works for me. I might be able to stay away from the chips for now, but then I’ll be around there finding something else as a substitute. But that’s the thing… they’re only a substitute temporarily… and sometimes that’s only until I go be with my chips. Because sometimes I can only love the one I’m with until I’m with the one I love, and that sucks because it’s too much love. Anyway you cut it.

So there. And I know the people who don’t do this with their food are like she’s got problems, and they’re right.

So I’d just go have peanuts now, but peanuts are just a glorified gateway drug. Next will be crackers. Then the chips.


That helps… hearing about anchovies. That makes me not want to eat. Thank you, @docslotnick for yucky images.


@Nickyghaleb Pizza is not worth eating if one of the toppings (or two) is not anchovies.

I know my wife and I are very compatible because she feels the same way I do. And she’s the only person I’ve met who demands pizza fish on her pizza.


@Nickyghaleb. Did @Eric specify chip size? If I remember correctly it was 1.chip, yes? Did he specifically rule out 1.chip bag as 1 chip?


@TravelingOn I have yet to get to Cambria. I am going to assume there is a killer pie place there?