Nicky's Chip Challenge

Hi @Nickyghaleb,
I want you to try this.

I know it probably won’t work for you. But you should at least give it a shot. Because after-all, we learn more from our failures. So this might be a good thing to help you learn.

You said your favorite type of potato chip is the baked Lay’s. Can you buy a medium bag of those chips, a Sharpie pen, and something to close the bag, like a chip clip or clothespin or something like that?

When you have those 3 things, lemme know.


@Nickyghaleb, if it’s the experiment that I tried, you’ll also need a hamster.

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If it’s the experiment I tried, you only need the bag of chips. :grin:


I can’t believe it, but the only thing I’m missing is the chips. I’ll get them this afternoon. :grin:

Is this going to be fun or not fun?

Yes, just like Eric not to waste a good experiment on something he could it have me do.

Just out of curiosity, did the hamster survive?

Just out of curiosity, did the bag of chip Irvine? :grin:

Quit your yapping and get the chips.


The baked chips, yes. The Wow! olestra chips, eh…



I know you did not just “quit your yapping” me. I know you didn’t. I’m gonna yap until I can yap no more and THEN I’m gonna get the chips.


Oh the olestra chips… yeah, I remember what a good idea those seemed like until you realized they weren’t. I’m surprised anyone survived those.


Do you want to do this after the holidays? Maybe that would make it a little easier for you. We don’t need to do this right now if you don’t want to.

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I lived in one of the test markets. Wow! Indeed. So much wow when you ate those things.


He means next Thanksgiving …


What did I say that made you think I’m not ready?? Born ready, Eric. And we are talking about chips. I’ll be back with them in 30 minutes.

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Okay. I’ve got the goods.

Okay, here it is.

Write the date and time on the bag with the Sharpie.

Open the bag, eat just one chip, and then close the bag and put the clip on it to keep it closed tightly. Keep the bag in plain sight somewhere in your house, not hidden away. But don’t eat any more of them. None at all.

Let’s see how long you can go.

Originally I thought that you should do this for a week, but that obviously won’t work. It would be too long. I know you can’t make it a week.

So let’s see if you can hopefully go a few hours or maybe even a day. I know this is hard for you. I know chips are tough, that’s why I picked them. And I suspect being a woman might also make it a bit more difficult because it’s a food item we are dealing with.

It’s okay to understand your weakness. That helps to know what your breaking point is. A few hours? A day, maybe? Let’s see how long you can last. And then you would know your limits and understand your weakness better, and be able to hopefully make yourself stronger some day in the future.

I made a prediction of how long you could last before you caved, but I will wait to share that with you.

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Is it too hard?

I was hesitant to suggest this because I didn’t really think you were strong enough mentally.

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Jonathan Swift, much?


You guys are a frickin riot.

Okay, I actually haven’t even read the rest yet. I’ll go read now. That was just too much— about the one chip at a time.

and thank you, @T1Allison. So feeble are his attempts at mind games. I’m the queen of mind games, @Eric… But I promise never to unleash them on you. It just wouldn’t be fair. :grin:

And this is all in good fun, right??? I don’t want this getting all serious—people’s feelings getting hurt and whatnot… I’ll go read now and prepare myself for the challenge. Mentally.