So I Met Eric Yesterday... 😱

And he is as impressive in person as he is in type and his little weird images. :grin:

As he has not said anything about our meeting yet, I’m going to pretend like it was really no big deal to me either. I mean it was cool, but like I’ve met like a million people who carry homemade diabetic gadgetry strapped across their midsection during their marathon already. At least a million.

Things that blew me away:

  1. At the end of 26.2 miles, although he needed some help getting down, he dropped to his knees and began the most beautiful speech to a beautiful, unsuspecting 4 year old girl with diabetes, during which he told her of all the things she would be able to accomplish in her life. He said, “So tell me again. What are you going to be great at in life?” She replied, all smiles, with, “anything I want.”

(It was all I had not to ruin the “unlimited” moment with bumbling and sobbing.)

  1. His contraption that he had strapped around his chest. I’m not sure it was homemade, but I have a feeling. It looked like a Pez dispenser for test strips. I imagine he made some people nervous before the race started.

  2. His numbers during the race… He rattled off a series of numbers ranging from 78 to 120 maybe. He actually scoffed at the 120– mumbling something about it being too high. :roll_eyes:

  3. His number starting the race… a 54. I believe it was a 54. I also believe he did a small shot of insulin at the time. To be clear—- at the time of the start of a marathon. He did a shot. At a BG of 54. Kids, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I won’t, that’s for sure.

  4. His wife. I was blown away by Eric’s wife. I guess I was expecting somebody very weird and socially shut down because— you know— but she was everything but. What a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit and with such willingness to share embarrassing stories… She and I are going to get together again soon. :grin:

I also had the opportunity to meet @Nicole and her family. I should’ve put them at the top of the “blown away” list. I enjoyed every minute of my time with her family and particularly enjoyed watching her chase after her children knowing mine were big and didn’t require chasing anymore. I wanted to help, but I was getting tired just watching. :grin:

This was my very first outing to meet another diabetic, and it was amazing. I met one energetic, positive, and seriously intelligent diabetic, AND I also met Eric. :rofl::rofl: What a wonderful day. :heart::heart:


Nicky, thank you so much! Your words are so kind. Wow, thanks! I am touched by what you said. :heart:

I can’t even tell you how wonderful it was to meet you! And thanks for not telling all my secrets. You really are the best, and I love you dearly.

I know you and my wife enjoyed ganging up on me, but I was too tired to defend myself. And I was just a little bit hungry too, so you guys were able to do that while I was busy feeding my face. :smiley:

And @Nicole! Your family was so wonderful. They are so precious! I just love those cute pictures. OMG, those two little ones are adorable! I hope you will post some pictures of those sweet children! I think you ran more than me, chasing Josiephine around! :smiley:

It was great to meet all of you in person. It was really a wonderful day. I wish we had more time to chat! I was actually in town for less than 24 hours. :slightly_frowning_face:

This was a really memorable time for me. I am so happy we were all able to meet up. :heart:

Let’s do this again, okay?! I am planning on going back. :wink:


What a great meet-up! I wish we had been able to make it!


Maybe next time? :hugs:


Wow it was so nice to meet you guys!

Eric you have helped us so much and been so kind. You are a super hero - for real! I mean who else can run 26 miles and has a belt like that? Seriously though - you are a warrior and an inspiration for diabetics who think that they are limited by this disease.

Nicky - Phil and I really enjoyed spending time with you and hunting for Eric. You were so helpful with the kids as well, and we really appreciate that. I don’t think we could have done it with out you.

We hope to see you all again soon and that you both will continue to be a positive influence in Carmela’s life as she grows. We feel like it is really important for her to have diabetic role models in her life that own the disease versus being owned by the disease.

The Carcione’s



@Nicole thanks so much for posting! It was wonderful meeting you and Phil. And your two girls are so precious. I love the pictures. They are both so adorable!


way to go eric!!! you totally rock. you are my athletic hero and one of the nicest crazy man i have ever known.

i know how hard you trained for this marathon, and you deserve every acclamation you can get. well deserved.

your experience taught me how to be a diabetic swimmer who, when i swim, is no longer diabetic :wink: its like you have a magic wand or something.

my gratitude for you is endless.

keep on runn’in dude!! :smile:


Thank you, @Nicole. I hope to you guys again!

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Eric knows how I feel about him. He is a rare jewel. I’m sorry we missed it - hopefully, we can all meet up the next time he’s in Richmond. It looks like you all had a blast. Liam was even asking about meeting @Nicole’s daughter and was excited about it.


I was told you were coming, @ClaudnDaye, and then I was told you weren’t. :pleading_face: I do hope there’s another opportunity but honestly can’t see why the absence of one should mean we can’t make it happen anyway.

That’s a long and eloquent way of saying I think we should all hang out. :grin:


Where in VA do you all live? We live in Fredericksburg.


You’re in Fredericksburg?! No frickin way.

30 minutes. I’m but 30 minutes from you. :hugs:


I wish you guys could have made it. Hopefully next time we can all get together. We have met other kids with diabetes but not anyone around Carmela’s age. She would love to meet Liam. That would be so great if we could connect!


Did that scare you, @ClaudnDaye? My close proximity? :rofl:


Clearly! It’s been two days and he still can’t bring himself to respond to you!

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Haha. Yes… Very scared. :slight_smile:

Maybe sometime!


By the way, @Nickyghaleb, @Eric may have come to Richmond to hang out with you…but just know that he animated butt podding for me first. Let’s just be clear about that, all you Fudders who hang out in real life and just happen to let the rest of us know about it Later.

K. I feel better now. :blush::blush:


You wanna hang out, @T1Allison? Is that what you’re trying to say? If you happen to come around the DMV area, I’ll come to you. But only if you write my name on your butt pod. :grin:


I feel bad. I thought you were in Kansas or something, and that it would be too far for you. :slightly_frowning_face:

I can totally vouch for Nicky. You don’t need to be afraid of anything. I would totally trust her to hang out with anyone. (Except my wife.)