So I Met Eric Yesterday... 😱


Good thing your wife and I didn’t need you to help us make arrangements then. She said she’s got so many stories. :hugs:


How far are you from Roanoke? Possible residency opportunity there for my wife


Roanoke is about 3 hours or so?? Are you talking to me? :grin:

If you are, I’ll just say anything in Virginia is close enough. I don’t mind a car ride. I just don’t like to fly. :grimacing:


Yeah I was throwing that out in your general direction… strangely Roanoke, VA seems to be one of the very few places in the country that offers fellowships to orthopedic nurse practitioners, so it’s on our radar…

She’d be happy to know we have friends “nearby”


@Sam Roanoke is a beautiful town. Not Alaska, but lots of Southern charm. Just be prepared to step back in time regarding morals and attitudes.

I would go back in a heartbeat!


Oh, I wouldn’t have made the 10 hour drive from where I’m at. I’m just being snarky bc it’s my love language for all forms of relationships. I antagonize those whom I really like. And my five year old is turning out to be my carbon copy in that regard.

You broke my code!


@Nickyghaleb, you’re 525 miles away from me … and that scares me! :sweat_smile:


Challenge accepted. I’m butt podding as we speak. You’re welcome.




Wouldn’t have driven it for Eric… just to be clear.


A million miles for you Nick. Fly, drive, walk, crawl. Whatever it takes.


Really, @Eric? Really? We just got back on solid ground, the three of us, and you have to go and profess favoritism again?

And here I was going to write both of you guys on my butt pod…now it’s just going to be @Nickyghaleb on there.

[This is getting weird really quickly, btw.]


…and a million plus 1 for you, Alli.


Okay we’re all square now. That “plus 1” makes all the difference.


:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: SO sweet…

But I’m still not sharing space on the butt pod. Her butt (pod) is mine. :grin:

Seriously, @Eric, likewise. You know that. :hugs::hugs:


Awww, @Beacher, you don’t have to be scared at that distance. That’s a 4 day drive for me. 5 if I get lost, and I always get lost. :grin:


Hey Sam!

We live in Roanoke, VA. It’s a great place. We moved here a few years ago. Let me know if you have any questions.

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