Endo appointment


I had my endo appointment today. It was a phenomenal experience.

As you may recall, I interviewed the endo a few months ago. Today was my first actual appointment with her.

I sent her some topics to discuss a week prior to the appointment. She did not waste any time with silly talk about things like dosing or carbs or…diabetes. Really, we went right to the list and had a great exchange of information about the topics.

It lacked the somewhat typical doctor/patient dynamic of talking down to the patient, or being so much smarter than the patient.

It was a genuine information exchange on a very even level between us. She was great! It was a wonderful discussion. I like her a lot.

Before meeting with the doctor, the assistant lady came in to do the height / weight / A1C / blood pressure stuff. That was funny. She asked for my pump, and I told her that I don’t do pump downloads.

The assistant lady was puzzled, and asked me, “If you don’t let the doctor download your pump, how do you manage your blood sugar?”.

And I answered, “Quite well.”

Anyway, it was a great experience today. I encourage everyone to do endo shopping. I am going back to see mine. She is a keeper.

For those of you interested in the home A1C tests, I ran one to compare. They were only 0.10 points apart, which I think is great for a home test. I always like to do the home test before the appointment, so I know how cocky I can be. :wink:



Ok, seriously, are you sure you have diabetes? :wink:

Good to hear the appointment went so well (your endo sounds amazing), and also nice to know those home tests are fairly accurate.


I call that good risk management. You need to know the answer before you ask :slight_smile:


Why am I not surprised ?