Nicky's Mishaps and Running Thread (Round 2)

So, @LarissaW, I know how this looks. :smiley: Before I get to what I’m hoping to do with the thread, I’d like you to know this is in no way any kind of thread like yours. I’ve been meaning to get it going for a few weeks but haven’t had the time. @Trying, very possibly one of the sweetest people on the face of the earth, got me motivated…… So, Trying, you should know I’m getting it going again at your request, but it completely lacks direction. I’m thinking that’s okay though. It’ll keep me accountable until I have an idea what I’d like to do.

Here goes. I had a running thread that spanned from the time I went out for my first mile run to when I ran my first half. I put in a lot of hard work, got an enormous amount of support and good wisdom, and came out a true runner. Since that time I’ve had a surgery that had mixed results, I’ve developed high cholesterol, am experiencing a good amount of pain down my right leg with running, am experiencing intensified pain in my tailbone, and am sitting at an a1c of a 6.2. My eating is a little messy (read: out of control), but I have not given up on running. I continue to run about 5 days a week and am currently putting in about 35 miles. I ran my first 10 mile run the other day and continue to run intervals and just push myself in general. That part I am very proud of. When left to my own devices before, I got lost in the land of The Comfortable 5 miler, and no matter what I set out to do, I somehow had completed it at 5 miles on the dot. There’s a lot of comfort in routine, and I was concerned with how easily I was losing the ability to make myself work harder. Surgery knocked me back for a while, but I slowly got myself out of my comfort zone and have been working since. If anything, I have to remember to not work sometimes, too. And that’s not bragging–that’s a sincere character flaw.

I’ve gotta cut this “short” :wink:, or I’m going to be here all night. I ran 7 miles outside today and kept my blood sugar in a pretty good range. I’m logging my runs again (though I did go through a brief period where I wasn’t), and I do look forward to posting some numbers like I was. I do have a different arrangement right now in technology, and more than ever, I’m having to make adjustments on the fly. There are workouts where I start at a 250, but this is no longer coffee that’s the culprit. I continue to do my best not to add any carbs or insulin over the few hours before starting a run, and I continue to do gels and insulin during it. Even though I am not always able to control my IOB prior to starting, that has been the single most important rule I’ve ever learned about exercise, and even knowing what IOB I have is still enough to remain stable throughout a workout.

I recently met another Type 1 diabetic female runner. She was 41 years old, and she was just as friendly as could be. She asked me why I carried a meter on my runs, and I explained that I couldn’t rely on the sensor value. That it was too slow and would lead to inappropriate decisions. She then told me she had participated in 13 half marathons… and had landed in the medic tent every single time. She said she had learned something from me about the numbers, and I told her I had learned something from her about not being a wimp. So I landed in the medic tent. Who cares. It would be really cool to have 12 more tries to get a different ending. I genuinely don’t think I’m up to doing another half yet (and probably a marathon never), but I’m looking forward to playing around in a few smaller races. It’s a good starting over place again anyway.

That’s it. I look forward to watching Larissa, and I do hope to hear back from Trying, @T1Allison, @TravelingOn, @daisymae, and all the other ladies in here who are on the move. I’d be happy to hear from everyone… but doubt anyone not tagged has made it this far down. :smiley:


Yep, I know how that goes!! So funny the way you put it though!

Welcome back to YOUR thread, Nicky!! I’m so glad you are taking up the “pen” again, theoretically speaking!! Your posts are so entertaining and, of course, I love reading about your running.

I’m so glad you are keeping up with you mileage throughout all the issues, surgery and pain, not to mention D. I hope the running helps ease the pain and I know running helps with D!

I myself have not been as active as I have been and hence no interesting posts. Work has pretty much taken over my life, or so it seems! Your inspiration to me!! I will try to follow your example, and get back to being more focused on running in 2020!!

May you have a super start to 2020, that lasts the whole year!!! And a Happy and Heathy 2020 to all of us here on FUD!!


@Nickyghaleb, I have been following your thread for over a year now, and have been so glad for you that the women and @Eric have been helping you out with your running the same way that @Eric helped me with my swimming when I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.

lucky for you and I that he came on board to give you such helpful direction. it took me almost 2 years before I felt comfortable swimming at a lower BG and then taking carbs along the way. in fact, it took me a while to trust that he would guide me so carefully and knowingly, but eventually I got the message. @Eric is a wonderful and generous man,and you and I are so fortunate to have someone like him in our lives…someone who is willing to put in the time to guid us .

I am happy to be included as someone in your support group on your new adventures and will be there, if possible, to offer my help in any way.



I’m so glad to hear about your running Nicky! Also so sorry about all of the health stuff going on right now.:frowning: I hope you can get it on the mend soon, and hopefully running can be a helpful tool for that ! So looking forward to hearing about the runs :running_woman::two_hearts:

Couldn’t agree more! @Eric has been endlessly incredible with helping me with literally all aspects of running, life, and BG management. I seriously still have a hard time comprehending his generosity. he is irreplaceable :bangbang: :heart:


Couldn’t agree more… @Eric and a couple others going to bat for me is how this forum was born and since then he’s become a good and trusted friend in all facets of life…


The only way I know you is as a runner, @Trying, so to hear work’s got you slowing down makes me want to rage quit your work for you. :grin: I wanted to be a distance runner because of you. To hear you talking about going out for 12 mile runs was like madness in my brain. So when I would get past the distance I knew I could handle, I’d just pretend to be you and take care of the rest. My point is, if I inspire you in any way right now, that’s just the universe helping me give back. :heart: I really hope you get back to it in 2020. I’m rooting for you.

Yes, to you, too, and I absolutely agree. It would be nice to start off 2020 strong, and I hope everyone here is doing it. :rose::tulip::rose:

Yes, I would like to say Eric’s coaching, in both diabetes and running, has left me in a good position. I have always given him every bit of credit for helping me to discover in myself the ability to control my numbers rather than just remaining a sitting duck. That’s that enormous amounts of support and good wisdom I spoke of. I’m taking it all, and I’m running with it. Now I’m discovering in myself my ability to create, push, and complete. I am without a target race, but I’m learning I can do all those things anyway. I’m just running, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Anyway, I’m traveling this weekend and am also enjoying not running at all. Back on it Sunday so I can be picking up the pace for a good hard New Year’s Day run. I’ve never really been one for resolutions, but I do like the idea of starting it all off doing the thing you hope to be doing for the year to come.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


It’s very refreshing to me to have someone with NO agenda, willing to help us in this journey. @Eric Is undeniably the best thing that could have happened in our lives. Everyone is awesome in helping one another, but Eric is in a league of his own in my families eyes.


Oh, wow, I had no idea, as I was busy being inspired by your thread!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you could get some value from mine as well!!

And, to prove I’m really trying to apply myself like you, I ran today on trails, no lows and no highs! Yay! It was so HOT, nearly 50 degrees, and I was in my winter clothes! Fun!! Lot’s of people out, too, lapping up the unexpected, spring time weather! :slight_smile: :sunflower:


I wish you all the best on your running. I won’t be much help on that front since I rediscovered that it is not my activity of choice. But I do hope that it works out for you. And I hope you will share your experience in case it might help anyone else, FUD lurkers or active participants.

Part of why I’ve pulled back from FUD is that it has felt very different on here than when I joined. When I joined, and maybe I didn’t know any better since this is my first forum experience, it felt like people were really open and mutually sharing their experiences for everyone’s benefit. More recently, it’s started to feel like when I put myself out there (for people’s entertainment or education, if you want to call it that optimistically), there’s a whole lotta people reading it but not many participating, let alone sharing their own experience or opinions or help. It seems like many are wayyyyy more comfortable PM’ing with their groups but not letting the FUD group at large benefit from their experience or personality or community. I don’t love that. I also don’t love some of the ghosting I’ve seen and experienced.

All of that is to say I’m not pro-only one person nor do I think many people on here are pro-only one person. I AM, however, hopeful that everyone will strive for their best self-care, root others on, share community and knowledge rather than hoarding it privately in PM land. That’s what I loved about FUD and hope it can flourish (again…depending on your viewpoint and experience).

I wish you all the best with your running. Sharing it is a good thing.


Well put Ms @T1Allison. Well put.


I’m not entirely sure what is happening in here, but it has become pretty clear to me my running thread probably comes at a bad time. I think I’d like to leave it to what it seems to be attracting and just move on.

This place has been wonderful. Sorry to leave on a bad note, but when something stops feeling good, it’s time to go. I wish you all good luck, and @Trying, I hope you keep running. I’ll be thinking of you! :heart:


Good luck Nicky! It’s been great. Hope your 2020 and beyond are awesome! :slight_smile:


@Nickyghaleb I’m disappointed you won’t be continuing your running thread but I sure hope you will be continuing your running workouts even if you don’t post them!! Thank you so much for your dedication to your thread and running over these months and inspiring us T1 runners. I hope you will keep us posted from time to time though just to let us know you are keeping up with your workouts!! We know those 5 miles can be very comfortable! Just kidding, lol. I will be thinking of you on today’s run! :heart: And have a super, and Healthy 2020!!


Your original running thread is a testament to the love and support of the FUD community. Over 2,000 posts on your thread, and over 600 posts from me. Everyone here is pulling for your success. And I am too.

FUD can be whatever a person wants it to be for them. If they want nothing but technical informational here, they can get that. If they want support and cheering, FUD can provide that. And if they want it to be family, FUD can be that too. It can be whatever they choose.

You will always have my support, no matter where you are. I’ll be happy to post on your thread and provide my feedback. Or I can just silently support you and wish you the best if you still choose to share your journey with everyone else. Whichever you want.

But regardless of whether I am simply a silent observer or an interactive contributor, one thing that is unwavering is my unconditional support, concern, and caring for you and the entire FUD community. Nothing will change that.

Whether silent or interactive, one thing I will never be is a disinterested observer.

It is absolutely unconditional love that I have for every single person here, regardless of any fundamental differences in treatment philosophies or viewpoints or beliefs.

Unconditional and unwavering support, for you and everyone here - nothing will ever change that.