Equipping a Runner to Run Diabetic Style

I have a few threads scattered about here on FUD that show some gadgets and contraptions that can allow you to test while running.

I can send you all the strip holders. That makes it super easy.

The rest you can make yourself.

For the BG meter holder, all you need is a

  1. a Contour Next One meter (not the big grandma version of the Contour, get the Next One version…)

  2. some small elastic band

  3. sewing thread or braided fishing line (which is much stronger than thread)

  4. a sweatband

That’s it!!

And a few sewing skills. :grinning:

Here is the FUD post on making that.

Here is the strip holder. This isn’t really easy to make. I can make some and send them to you all.


The lancing is easy. You can just attach a normal lancing device up to a small retractable keychain pull-holder and hook it to your SPIBelt or whatever you use to carry stuff. Just get something like this:

Amazon - Retractable Keychain Holder

What else? Any questions on that stuff?


@LarissaW, it took me some time to get it down. The first few times I tried it, everything was bouncing all over the place. It was nauseating. Now I can do it even at faster than 8 minute miles. It just took messing around with it. Things I had to learn to do included: grabbing the test strip in the right place so not to get an error, being steady enough to load it, getting a good heavy sample so I can easily get enough blood in the strip (because I was wasting a lot of energy trying to squeeze blood and aim), and…I guess that’s it. Oh! Also making sure I have clean fingers even if I’ve handled a Huma gel. Cleanish. It’s a lick, wash in sweat, wipe on dry spot of clothes, air dry routine. Cleanish. But it means I get the sugar off so I won’t get false highs. Except for yesterday. When I tested the banana on my finger instead of my blood.


It also helps to have a small piece of washcloth attached to your SPIBelt to dry your hands on. When it is hot, nothing I am wearing can be used to dry my hands. But a small piece of washcloth works great.


I already have a whole lot of stuff I’m managing. Or at least that’s the way I feel. Sometimes I run past another runner, and I feel like the Terminator. With all my gadgets and belts and packets. And not the Terminator in a good way… like I know they’re giggling a little on the inside.

That was all unnecessary. I also don’t need the wash cloth because I have cool running shorts with a mesh part. That mesh part, my friend, is never saturated. All I have to do is rub my fingers across it, and it’s like a… bristly brush. :thinking:

I made a terrible video with your meter bracelet in it, @Eric… Am I allowed to post it in here? It’s actually embarrassingly bad, but it shows the meter?? I don’t know if there’s any point or not…

I don’t think you need to worry about what you can post here. You’ve seen my street signs in the Random thread. :grinning:


Well, that doesn’t make me feel any better…

Anyway, @LarissaW, if you choose to watch the video—and remember you can never get those minutes of your life back again—I show Eric’s meter bracelet. I use that thing on every single one of my outdoor runs and probably 30% of my indoor. I would not be able to test my BG on a run without it… or at least would not be willing to. It keeps everything available without my having to carry anything, and then I just tuck my old test strips and lancets into a regular wrist band I wear on the other wrist. If I’m going on very long runs, I’ll take a second test strip holder that Eric sent and wear it on my spibelt. It gives me 20 strips. I no longer even look at my sensor… not even a glance. There is absolutely no point in doing so.


ʷʰʸ did I imagine this as a head sweatband with a meter attached :joy:


I need to check all these threads when I’m on my laptop. Most of my runs I’m doing on the treadmill for now. Do you think the strip holder would be helpful there vs outdoor running? I feel like that was my issue was getting the strip out and then the whole aiming the blood thing like nicky was saying


Good thing my new leggings just came in the mail and they have mesh :hugs:

That’s what I need to figure out :thinking: maybe have the lancing thing on a deeper setting to get more blood so the aiming thing isn’t as big of a factor? Until I make @Eric’s lancer thingy… I feel like I’m ganna stab myself a lot while experimenting :woozy_face:



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Do you want to work on refining your lancing a bit? I think jabbing with your hand is an awkward motion while running. And the possibility of dropping the lancet and taking it out and putting it back, etc.

I think there is a very easy way to help that. And it would not be hard to setup.

Willing to try?

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:joy:this one is totally my fault

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Well if it’s not too much a hassle for you I’d love to try it out!

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I will make another batch for you and Alli and Trying.


I should’ve said this earlier, but I was under the impression my dex g6 was accurate and up to speed enough during my workouts but after testing on my last run I realized it was more like 20 minutes delayed :confused: this is why I’m trying to get in on this terminator running game :hugs:




If you could’ve seen me working out the stabbing thing… if you could see me, you’d laugh. Yes, @Eric, it’s not the most streamline effort. I tuck the lancet into my left wristband, @LarissaW— WRISTband, and then put my test strip in before getting the lancet out again. I uncap it and start the ridiculous “fake lancing” because I’m afraid of it hurting. 3 pricks, 4 pricks, finally get a good drop and then stab myself 4 times in palm, thumb, and wrist trying to put the lancet back. All those good blood drops… and I can’t use them. :roll_eyes:

I don’t think it’s necessary but sure. :grin:

Okay… so much of the accuracy is going to depend on how fast you’re moving. If you’re dropping fast or rising fast, it’s just way too delayed to be any help at all. If you’re relatively stable with a small change in either direction, it’s going to be pretty reliable. However, the only way to really know your status is with a finger stick anyway, so if you’re going to do that, why not just keep it up and work with the best numbers? No one’s asking, but I’m going to go fetch the two logs I kept comparing the sensors and meter values on two of my runs. I’ll be back…


That’s a day with a fast change in blood sugar. If I had acted using those sensor values, I would’ve been wrecked.

Day 2… and I’m not sure what’s remarkable about it, but this is tough going back and forth between threads to find it, so that’s why I included it…

I hope there was something more interesting…

Nope. Looks like those were my two overwhelmingly convincing pieces of evidence of I’m not sure what.

I was able to confirm I have a lot to say.


@Eric I’m not a runner (anymore) but those are some seriously useful contraptions. I am thinking about making them for work (I have a physical job). Thank you so much for the great ideas! :nerd_face:

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I feel g6 is so much more accurate than the g5. I upgraded to g6 two months ago and it is always a few points within the finger stick. BUT, I’ve not done this sort of comparison during a run!! Could be I’m experiencing similar results. I’m going to do a similar test to see how my body is reacting. As you say, @Nickyghaleb, drx accuracy depends on how fast the rise and drop is, and I think that makes sense. Today I dropped per Dexcom 40 mg within 20 minutes of starting my.run. Not ideal. That sort of drop always exhausts me. Maybe a fingerstick would have shown a much larger drop though! :frowning: