How to make an exercise BG meter holder

Here is how to make a holder for a BG meter for exercise and athletics.

Every BG meter comes with a holder inside the zippered container that they include. Remove that holder with a stitch remover.

Sew the BG meter onto a sweat band. You want to get one of the longer sweatbands so it will fit.

If you are skilled, you can put the stitches right back in the same holes that they originally used.

One Important Item to Note:
Don’t use regular sewing thread. It may not be strong enough. I use braided fishing line. Make sure to get braided. Braided fishing line of sufficient strength will make it unbreakable. I use 40 pound test.

I added an elastic band to hold the meter more securely. While the holder they give you is designed to hold the meter securely inside the container for walking around and stuff, it isn’t designed for running. So a little extra security is a good idea.

Put the elastic band on the end so that it doesn’t cover the BG number when it is displayed! The meter can still be removed easily if you want.

That’s all it takes. Pretty easy!

I have two different meter types I use for exercise. I am going to do a comparison and recommendation soon.


This is a GREAT tip, @Eric!

Is the meter pictured here the Contour USB?


Actually, no it is the Contour Next One. I get their names confused. The Next One is a bit smaller than the USB.

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I was just researching it this morning at 3:00am in the middle of a sustained morning low :slight_smile:


Where did you get that holder? My Contour Next Link didn’t come with such a nice holder, but the most crappy meter case ever.


The holder came with it. But I have a Contour Next One.

I guess I can’t speak for every meter, but the Contour Next One and ReliOn Micro and FreeStyle Lite meters all come with a small holder that is decent. All of those have a little zippered carrying case, with the holder sewn in.

Post a picture of what came with yours.

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The case that comes with the Contour Next USB is literally just a case with mesh pockets on both side, one zippered and one open. It’s useless for storing a meter. I use mine to hold my diabetes emergency kit (spare infusion set, cartridge, insulin, ketone meter, extra strips, etc.).

I do also recall getting a case that just had one of loops made of elastic and plastic that held the meter in case. I think that may have come with my first generation Contour USB. But it was still a bad design because it didn’t hold the meter properly and the plastic bit ended up covering buttons.

My Contour Next One did come with a case that had a nice holder. I don’t like the One (I like being able to log insulin in the meter and hate the app that goes with the One), so I just use the One case to hold my USB.


Here’s a picture that someone posted at TuD:


That’s a lot different than what I got with the ones I have bought. You can get a Contour Next One on Amazon for less than $10. Even if you only use it for exercise, it’s worth it!

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What a great idea! I have never bothered bringing a meter and have suffered many an unnecessary low because of it. I’m off to go pick apart cases! :grinning:

At some point I will make some more of these and I can send you one if you are interested. I sent a bunch off to members here a while ago.

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That would be really, really nice. No pressure though. :slightly_smiling_face:


No longer, I bought 2 Next One meters in the last month. The case is a. cheap floppy thing with an elastic loop with a window to view the display…


@CarlosLuis ,
It depends. Sometimes you can still get the holder.

Do you want me to send you one of the holders? I have some extras!

Also you can request them from the company. But if you want, I’ll just send you one.