Best meter on the planet

I don’t know what other meter is going to give you such tight grouping.

You can use standard deviation or any other measure of dispersion you want. Nothing touches this meter.

For anyone looking for a meter, or asking which meter is the best, Contour Next One is your answer.

Thanks and have a good day.


It doesn’t surprise me that you have lots of meters, but I had not expected that you would have 6 of the same type.


Did you use single huge drop of blood, or new prick for each one, different fingers?

I have done thus, but only with 2 or 3 meters.
Contour Next consistently similar results, from same drop of blood. Some variation with blood from different finger or hand, but usually no more than 15 pts.


Only 1/6 of your readings are 83. Dr. B would not be pleased.


I used the same drop for all the tests. One very LARGE drop of blood, to try to make it a worthwhile validation of the meters.


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I second your nomination of the contour next one as the best meter on the planet :


it’s pretty awesome! The only issue is it requires a giant Hope-Diamond-size drop of blood, so Samson is not on board. But I think we can ease him into this one for next year maybe??


did you use an Eppe to draw that blood???


@TiaG I’ve used a pretty minuscule drop of blood when using this meter. Of course it takes more than the One Touch Verio, but not by much.


It is way better than the One Touch Ultra we used to be on thanks to KP. That one required a small flood from the finger.


I agree. I can test twice in a row and often get identical readings. They never happened with other meters.


I agree. I loved the Contour meter until Caremark decided they loved One Touch which was pretty much a random number generator. I’m using the Accu-check guide now and I am happy with that, but Contour was golden.


One touch is a garbage product brought to by a garbage company. This is pretty impressive. I’ve also been pleased with my accu check guide at normal levels like these.

The real test though is to see consistency with elevated bg. I challenge @Eric to jack bg up to 250ish and repeat experiment


I currently use the Contour meter as well, but I like to keep all my results on a single meter for logging purposes and to calibrate my CGM (which should be done with a single meter). More interesting to me than the results across many meters, therefore, is the results on a single meter for finger sticks taken one after another. The One Touch is not a garbage product from a garbage company; I used the Blue strips for many years and was quite satisfied with it. But when I started using xDrip I wanted a meter that had bluetooth capability, which meant switching to either the One Touch Verio or the Contour. After running the same test with both meters, I selected the Contour.

Here are four Contour tests taken immediately after each other with hand wash and dry in between. Clearly there is some variance (117, 139, 128, 133); so based on my experience I don’t expect my result with the Contour to be my exact BG, but I do expect it to be within about 10 points.



I’d consider those repeatability of results completely acceptable for a meter although no bragging rights. With the one touch verio which I used for years I often, at similar ranges, got spreads of 100ish pts. Eg 100 immediately followed by 200 then 100 again then 200 again… in my evaluation that’s a garbage product

But the real reason I consider them a garbage product and a garbage company is not just because their product is ■■■■— but because their main business model is to out-rebate every pbm for an inferior product, essentially forcing people to use their product who don’t want to. I am not a fan. At all. Of their products or their practices.

For my first fair number of years one-touch ultra blue was all my insurance covered… terrible repeatability and required a blood drop that was so large it was very difficult for me to produce. Disliked it so much in concert with the insurance bs that I started buying truerest strips with cash… vastly superior and similar cost to my copay, for me. Then truetest was discontinued and replaced by truemetrix. At same time one touch verio came out. True metrix was nowhere near as good as true test but vastly better than one touch verio. Verio had one big advantage though that they were fast and only required a tiny blood droplet…

Then about 1.5 years ago my insurance switched to accu check guide which I find generally tolerable in terms of accuracy and repeatability… my only complaint is their stupid strip container, which they think is brilliant… but it’s not



The info here was suprising and informative.


Yes, that is the study, or a previous version that many of us based our decisions on. It is very helpful to see the results.

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ugh that one is both awful for its blood requirements and also just terrible in terms of accuracy.


I’m almost ready to jump ship. Does anyone know the best place to buy these in Canada?

We buy them from Amazon, also we frequently need to buy extra strips, and Amazon is very inexpensive compared to purchasing them locally. We are going to switch insurance soon, and we will be buying everything without insurance, so Amazon for the win. Hopefully Amazon in Canada has them as well. You never do seem to know with the medical devices and importation laws.