Just ordered all versions of the Countour Next: your questions?

After all the discussions we have had on BG meters lately (in particular this thread: The best BG glucose meter that your insurance will pay for) I ordered all three versions of the Contour Next meter, to compare them against each other (not on accuracy but functionality).

I thought I would put together a thread on them, possibly a wiki if I ever figure out how to make wikis… If you have questions about the three and how they compare (Contour Next, Contour Next EZ, Contour Next One), if you ask them in the present thread, I will make sure to find the information as I test them, and publish the answers. I’ll also post pics that compare them all.

The existing info from Bayer is not that good on comparison. I think there is nothing like comparing them yourself in your hand. So that’s what I will do.


@MaryPat One thing that you may not come across but is of importance to xDrip+ users is that the Contour Next One is the only meter that will directly connect to xDrip+.

When a by reading is taken on it, xDrip+ will immediately register it and ask if the user would like to use it as a calibration.

Very convenient.


Although review sites usually list meter by meter, it would be mind boggling if the accuracy of a given system was not actually due entirely to the strip in terms of the strip technology and manufacturing process of said strip.


I would love to know:

  • how they compared in volume/ hand geometry in your hand

  • how they compare as far as carry volume in the pocket

  • how their carry cases compare

  • how their lighting compares to be able to see the strip (I always have to carry a flashlight at night)

  • how easily read the numbers are in day and night (and are they all backlit?)


I would like to know if any of them will let me add blood if the first time I put blood on I don’t have enough blood for the strip.


BAM !!!
My daughter’s favorite feature also.

Second-Chance is the feature they call it. Surprisingly, well named. Works - well - kind of how you would hope it would.

We have the Contour Next One. Which certainly has this.
The Contour Next EZ is advertised as having it.
The Contour Next (meter) is (I think) a slightly older meter although clearly uses the same strips. I am unclear if this has the Second-Chance feature or not.


The FreeStyle Lite also does this, but it doesn’t have a cool blood drop display like the Contour does. But it works the same.


I don’t have any questions, but I happen to have a Contour Next, Contour Next USB, and Contour Next One, so can compare them also if people wish. (I use the Next USB as my everyday meter.) All of these meters have the second-chance feature.


@Jen, I didn’t know you had these three or I wouldn’t have ordered mine. I got the EZ as well, but I did not get the Next USB because in the US it has been obsoleted by the One.

I’ll PM you.

Good question!! Eric uses the freestyle strips and meter (doesn’t like the one on his PDM for some reason, says it reads off by a little) and they allow for more blood to be added.


For me I think I don’t get as accurate a result if I have to add blood a second time, so I just throw away the strip and start over with a different finger. But it’s only a handful of times per year.


I have now received all the meters I ordered: Next, Next One, Next Ez. I will (I should write “my son will”, really) start experimenting with them, correspond with @Jen to also cover the Next USB, and report. Keep on posting your questions if you have any.


i love the Contour Next One. have taken advice from eric and am a completely satisfied customer.

and Yes, Kaelan, it does allow you to add another blood drop if the first one was not enough. i dont know how accurate it is from the second drop, but i am assuming that if it is from the same drop as the first, it should be pretty close.

i prefer the Contour Next One. its small, easy to carry and lights up so you can test in the dark. also, when there is enough of a blood drop, it beeps. the Contour EZ does not light up, and for that, i do not find it as helpful. also, the EZ version takes longer to use. IMHO.

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That “convenience comparison test” is a great idea!

FYI I started this week on the Abbott Freestyle Libre “CGM” for a 30 day trial run and am tracking it against a Dexcom G5 and my Contour Next One meter. The Freestyle Libre also has a built in BG meter BG using Freestyle Precision Neo strips. From a convenience perspective, using these strips will allow untethering from the separate BG meter and only carrying one device if I stick with the Libre. I like how the Freestyle strips are in foil packets that can be more easily packed in a side pouch of a carrying case compared to multiple round strip jars; I find the Contour strip jar to be a little too wide mouthed some times especially when I am packing 1 or 2 spare jars.

Since I don’t think this BG meter component of the Libre has been tested in any of the articles I have seen, I obtained some freestyle Libre test strips (Precision Neo strips) and will be comparing it against a Contour Next One.

As a general comment I have started thinking about the big picture for meter use and reminding myself that if I am over 200 it does not really matter if the meter reads 205 or 220, they are both too high. Once I get a high BG I am in trial and error mode with bolus to bring it back down. Similarly if I am trending low at 50 or 55 the precise BG number is not as important as getting some carbs. So I am not getting too hung up on meter accuracy at high or low BG levels as long as they are within about 5-10% of each other on average.


I agree with you on out of range readings. It seems to me that accuracy within 70-160 is more important because we need more precision for corrections in that range: for lower and higher, I don’t think accuracy is that critical, because, at least for us, corrections from far ends of the range are never a sure thing.


Which is why we, and I am sure you, use small amount of carbs to “land” your high corrections. Oh, it feels so good when the landing is smooth.


nothing quite like a smooth landing :blush: sometimes i cross my fingers and say a prayer when i put the test strip in my meter “oh, please god, let this be in target.” (yes, i really do do this )


Any thoughts on this so far? I want to order one for my mom (she’s actually T2 and not managing it apparently).

@daisymae’s thoughts on the speed and lights have been helpful.

Also, thanks to everyone involved for doing this.


I have not found the time to put it all down yet. I will do a better job later, but, for @TravelingOn here is the quick outline!

First, a warning: I have small hands. My son, on the other hand, has giant hands and feet, like a puppy.

  • Size: all three are rather small. The Next EZ is the bulkiest, but not by much. it is slightly thicker than the Contour Next. The Next is slightly taller, but also barely. Both are much wider than the One, which is in the shape of a USB flash drive. The One, while narrower, is longer and thicker than either.

  • Handling: subjectively, I like the One best, then the Next, then the EZ.

  • screen: The EZ screen is larger the the others, and numbers are larger. But the Next screen is crisper and darker, although characters are smaller.The screen for the One is smaller, wide and short, but very crisp; text is a bit cramped on it, but numbers are quite readable. The EZ screen cannot be seen in the dark when you turn it on by hand, while both the One and the Next can be. I like the Next screen best, then the One, then the EZ. But my son, who has much better (younger) eyesight, does not dislike the EZ screen as I do. I find the EZ screen faint.

  • accessing the menus: I find the Next easiest, then the EZ, then the One. I find the One a bit more confusing to get to settings etc. —but still fine with respect to simply taking a measurement.

  • cases: the cases for the EZ and the Next are the same, large, rectangular, with a zipped pocket on one side and an unzipped pocket on the other. The case for the One is longer and narrower: I find this one more comfortable for my pockets. So does my son. What I also like better is that it is long enough to fit a FastClix lancet device. The other cases are not.

  • light: only the One has a strip light when you turn it on.

Overall, I like the One best, followed by the Next, followed by the EZ. I really don’t like the faint screen of the EZ, the fact that it is so hard to see in the dark, and the added bulk. But I could deal with larger numbers both with the Next and the One. YMMV, though.

I will post pictures and a better organized summary soon, I hope. I am busy with the move right now, so time is scarce.


My son also tested the second-chance feature. He had time to put the meter down, puncture the skin again, fumble a bit, and add more blood.

His feedback:

  • the blood drop that is needed is much bigger than that of the Freedom or the Verio meter,

  • it takes a bit of time (his impression) for the blood to be absorbed by the strip, before the countdown starts

Anecdotally, the measurements we took with all of the Countour meters were very close to those we had with the Freedom meter.

Here is where to see the user’s manuals:

Contour Next

Contour Next EZ

Contour Next One