Contour glucose meters

I’ve been using the Contour EZ meter for a while, and am curious about both the Contour and the Contour One.

Two questions:
(1) Shall I assume that all three have exactly the same interface?
(2) Can anyone give me just a few brief bullet points on the differences among these three?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @Andante. Welcome to FUD!

The Contour meter uses the Contour strips. All of the ones with “Next” in the name use the “Next” strips.

They have the Contour Next, the Contour Next EZ, and the Contour Next One. Those all use the Next strips. But the Contour meter uses the different strips.

If you are using the Contour Next EZ, I would go with a different Next style meter, just to keep the strips the same.

Since all 3 of the Next meters use the same strips, that makes it very convenient. You can get any or all of them and use the same strips!

The Next One is my favorite. It is the smallest one.

The Next has a back-light, which is also a nice feature and makes it easier to see. The Next EZ does not have the back-light, but it has averages. I do not think the Next has averages.

All 3 of the Next type are the same as far as accuracy. They are super accurate! So you can’t go wrong with any of them. It just depends on which size and screen you like.

I suggest keeping your current one, and adding a Contour Next One since it is smaller. And you can use the small one when you go out and leave the bigger meter at home.

And the meters are super cheap. Do you live in the U.S.? If so, you can get a Contour Next One for about $10 on Amazon.


Oh, so so helpful, Eric, thank you!

So it sounds as if there are actually four variations. I didn’t realize that. Good to know.

My biggest complaint with my Contour Next EZ is the interface. It is so very user-unfriendly that I always get confused on how to get information from it. But I’m guessing that all four have the same interface, correct?

As for size, my EZ is perfectly fine. I have a great carrying case that fits perfectly into my purse.

And as for strips, I’m almost out, so I’m open to anything new. That’s why I was considering other brands, but I gather the Contour brand rates best on accuracy.

Finally, the back-light sounds awesome! And since I never check my averages, I might consider that.

Again, I appreciate your quick and helpful reply. Please let me know if the interfaces vary among the different versions.

Thank you, Eric! :blush:


The menu on the Next One is very easy. Only one button. Select either settings or the list of your readings. Scroll up or down to go through the readings. It shows the BG number, the date, and the time.

Yes! It is absolutely the best!


They’re different, have a look:


Hello, Eric and Boerenkool, my apologies for the delayed reply.

I much appreciated your helpful information, and have done some further research. Here’s what I learned.

The Contour isn’t listed on their website. There was an old one with that name, and there’s also the Bayer Contour. So I’m assuming that currently their line only includes meters with “Next” in the name.

Aside from the other three you mention, there’s also the Contour Next Link and the Contour Next Gen. Oh, my gosh, so many!

Further research showed the following.

Out of the running:
• CN Link: Works in tandem with a Medtronic pump and I don’t have one.
• CN One: I’ve used the long thin shape before and find it unwieldy. I much prefer the semi-oval shape.

• CN Gen: Not sure. It requires an app to see more data, and I’d rather not have to be fiddling with two devices. On the other hand, I rarely look up that extra data.
• CN: Menus are a bit cumbersome, but messages are in plain language versus symbols. Plus it has the backlight.
• CN EZ: My current one. Need a bit more research to decide!

Your help has been much appreciated! Your comments really helped me onto the right path. :blush:

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I am sorry, I have not heard of this one. Are you in a different country than the U.S.? It might be that they have different names for the meter in the U.S. :man_shrugging:

This might be a good one to look at. Strips are more expensive, but it has good accuracy and is a very nice meter. It also has a back-light. :+1:

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Regarding the Next Gen, yes, I am in the US, and I found it at AscensiaDiabetes, a site that appeared a few times at the top of my Google hits.

As for the FreeStyle, do you consider it as accurate as the Contour? Nothing is more important! :blush:

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Oh, yes, I just looked at the FreeStyle. I remember now that I used to use it but switched to the Contour. It was too small to grasp easily, and I was told the Contour was more accurate. But thank you for the recommendation, Eric!

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No, nothing is as accurate as the Contour!

But the FreeStyle is not horrible. :man_shrugging:

If you can get past the shape of the Contour Next One which you don’t like, that is seriously a great meter. Why not spend about $10 to try it out? If you don’t like it, you are only out $10, you don’t have to keep it.

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Thanks, Eric. First of all, I definitely want the most accurate. If I have the 2nd most, I’ll constantly be haunted by, “Is this one right? Is it close? If it’s not right, how wrong is it? One point? Ten points?” etc., etc. Aagh!

Secondly, during my first couple of years as a diabetic, I tried out several different meters. I had a thin rectangular one for a while, and gave it up because I didn’t like the shape. I much prefer something that nestles right in the palm of my hand. :blush:

But it’s great that you have one you like so much for yourself! Perhaps that’ll happen to me soon as well.


Then you gotta stick with Contour.

The meters are inexpensive. Probably would be best to try them all. That way you will know which one you like best.

Just like test driving a few different cars to know which one you like the most.


Ha ha, great analogy! :laughing:

And since I already have the Next EZ—and know it quite well—perhaps I can test drive one other to compare.

You’ve been awesome, Eric. Many thanks!