Lancing device for running - One ring to rule them all

One more thing I wanted to share here. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while. Most of the challenge has been just thinking through it. Making it was the easy part.

If you watch the video, it will all make sense…

First of all, I have posted a number of things I use for BG testing when running. Like the BG meter holder here, and the test strip holder here.

But I have not been able to come up with a good way of getting the blood drop with only one hand. When running, using two hands is not ideal because it messes up your mechanics. You have to put both hands together in front of you and then your running dynamics get screwed up.

So the challenge was a one-handed lancing system. I have been thinking through it for a long time. I came up with the idea of mounting it on my thumb, but then I needed to find a good way to do it.

I made a number of different devices and tried them out, and it kept getting better each time. Finally I made one that I was real happy with. It held very secure but was still easy to put on and off. I used a lancet cap, a silicone ring, some putty, and some braided line to make it.

It worked fine but after several runs and several accidental jabs and scrapes from the lancet I knew I need to come up with a way of keeping the point from accidentally jabbing me.

I spent time thinking about it and after several bad ideas I finally came up with a spring cover. It was so simple - I can’t believe it took me so long to think of it - but it worked great. It protected against accidental jabs, but was still easy to use with only one hand.

Here are some pictures and a video. I have been going on my long runs with only this device and it has worked great. So easy to get a drop using only one hand. No device or lancet you need to take out or that can slip out of your hands when running. I love this thing because it has become automatic for me to get the drop now. It just sits on my thumb and is always there ready for when I need it.




Here is the vid which probably makes it much easier to see how it all works. It works on any finger! (except the thumb)

Besides me I know there are not a lot of people who would ever use this. I don’t know, maybe I am the only one. But I wanted to share it because you can make whatever you need for whatever problem you can think of. You don’t need to be stuck just using whatever someone else came up with. Just think of what challenge you want to make easier and get out of the box.

I just wanted to pass that along.

That’s it. Take care all. And thanks for everything.


That’s a brilliant invention!! But wait a minute …

You sound like you’re leaving. Did I miss something? Tell us you’re not leaving. Please.


[repeats @Boerenkool 's ask…] You’re not leaving going on hiatus are you???


@Eric - That reminds me of some lyrics to a dire straits song…

Now that ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
Lemme tell ya, them guys ain’t dumb
Maybe get a lancing device on your little finger
Maybe get a lancing device on your thumb

… or something like that :laughing:



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I’ll see you back in a while. Hopefully I can make it worthwhile.