Every once-in-a-while I see something that makes absolutely NO sense. Like if I try really hard to figure out a reason, it still just can’t be pieced together.

So I want to ask the FUD brain-trust to help me understand this…

Here is the Amazon link:
$69 lancing device available at Amazon!!!

Anyway, I live in the low-rent district. I either use a plain lancet with no device, or a $5 device.

Any of you rich-bloods using a $69 model?


Still using the same $5 device I bought from Walmart 4 years ago. :laughing: I can’t imagine spending that on a lancing device (that’s a month’s worth of Libre sensors!), just for it to be supposedly painless? It doesn’t hurt that bad, IMO. Now, give me a device that makes pen needles painless, and then…maybe…


I use the $5 version too. I thought about getting one of the Genteel’s, but didn’t want to spend the price, plus I had, at that time, about 2,000 lancets for my $5 version, LOL. I think I’m down to about 1,900 lancets. I will be moving to G6 soon, so I will be testing even less, which means my lancet will last at least six months instead of three months! :rofl:


But great features, well worth it.

Perfect size drop with no PAIN,
And decorative stickers to personalize !


I’ve seen advertisements for that thing before. Here’s a video (way too long) on how it works:


My family so poor, we use a rusty stapler.


Ha!!! Is it gold-plated? I mean we’re still on the same lancet we purchased maybe a few months out from Samson’s diagnosis, and it’s cheap.

This must be some sort of weird, no-longer-produced-so-the-limited-supply-available-is-priced-absurdly-high kind of thing. For a while my granite countertop spray was listed online for $69.50 because there was a shortage; it’s normally $4.95. So I think it must be some kind of automatic algorithm?


Okay I didn’t read the whole thread, apparently this is legitimately $70? Okay even weirder…

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This seems needlessly complicated and like it wouldn’t work well at all for Samson. I mean a) his fingers are tiny so there’s no way to get a good seal on the fingers and b) it seems like the amount of blood you get from a normal lancet has to do with how hard you press or how much thick skin there is, so you can’t assume the same aount of blood would be the same every time c) you have to keep it on the skin with a seal for 6 seconds, my kid isn’t going to sit still that long for a finger stick d) you run the risk of getting blood spattered inside the clear plastic tube…that would definitely happen a lot, as his caregivers would be the one sometimes doing the finger sticks.

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You mean his lancer, not his lancet, right? :slightly_smiling_face:


I have found that whenever I buy a new meter (Contour Next One) on Amazon, the entire box of essentials comes to about $6. And this comes with a few test strips, as well as its own lancing device and zip-up carrying pouch. So for $6 bucks, I figure I am getting and excellent deal.

($5 is truly over my limit :rofl: but $69 ??? R U Kidding me???)

And in fact I just re-ordered 4 boxes of meters, plus the extras that come with them, because at about 6am this morning, my five year old meter died on me and so did my back-up.( I had to go digging around to find my other stash of supplies)

I don’t change my lancet until it absolutely will not prick through the thick calluses on my fingers, and, like Eric, I don’t mind doing a finger stick without the device at all. Maybe that sounds awfully unsanitary, but this from a gal who use to inject right through her blue jeans :wink:

(And, BTW, if you are an Amazon Prime Member, shipping is ALWAYS free for “standard” shipping (which claims to take 5-7 business days) and arrives overnight.)


Looks more like a dremel than a lancer. It actually scares me. :fearful: But love when the marketing department get their hands on a stinker of a product like this (butterfly blue…genteel…uses vacuum and vibration…wtf). Never understood the fascination with palm testing.


I was always under the impression that this thing was marketed to pediatric patients that were afraid of the lancets. Saying this was a painless way to lance.


I would also assume this is aimed at needle phobic adults too. Many n00bs use a setting that goes too deep and since they have no fingertip scar tissue it does actually hurt. Even so, being the cheap b****rd that I am, the 10 “freebie” lancets usually last me a year or two and by then I am getting a new “free” meter from the insurance company.


The first one I had looked like this:


That thing was insane. They didn’t even try to sugar-coat it. It was a freakin’ guillotine.

I wish I still had it, it is long gone. I stopped using it after a few years and started doing it manually.

But even as ridiculous as it was, I still preferred it to pee tests. As a teen, it was much cooler socially to jab your finger than it was to pee in a cup.


Same for me, but no longer have it.

I do still have my ancient auto-jector. A plastic contraption that I put my loaded syringe in, to increase places I could reach, pre-pump days.


Lol…I had the pleasure of bringing a pee sample home taken prior to eating lunch…now that was cool.


Oy Vey! Such fun (not)!


Is it this device? I used this for years as a kid in the 1990s, before pens became common.



Here’s a pic I posted before.
I think I used it in mid-1980s when switching from single shot Lente to multiple NPH (2x/day) + Regular for meals.