Anyone know where to get a reusable Humalog pen? Luxura or Savvio, I don't care

I’m trying to switch from Novolog to Humalog. I like having a reusable pen for my fast-acting insulin because it is more different that another disposable pen and I’m less likely to mix them up. Also the less plastic waste and less storage space required is nice. But I’m having a hell of a time finding the actual pen and I hope someone here can help me out.
I was planning to request the HumaPen Luxura XD, but a little googling told me that the Luxura was discontinued and replaced with the Savvio. So I tried to request the Savvio, but they couldn’t find it in the formulary in my doctor’s EMR. The Luxura was still there, so I got them to request that instead. The next day my pharmacy calls to tell me the order is cancelled because the Luxura has been discontinued. So I call the pharmacy and now they are telling me that the insulin delivery device is provided by the doctor’s office. But my doctor’s office would have already provided it if they had one or knew how to get one, so they don’t know how to help. Does anyone know where I can get a Humapen Luxura or Savvio?


The Luxura is done, unfortunately. I liked that pen.

You can buy the Savvio for only $10 from Mark’s Marine Pharmacy in Canada (plus shipping). I don’t think you need a prescription for the pen! (only the insulin). But I am not 100% sure.

Mark’s Savvio

Here is the Mark’s site. I have bought from them, a number of people here have done that. They are totally legit. You can search FUD for references to it.

Mark’s Marine Pharmacy


I knew someone here would know what’s going on! It looks like you do need a prescription for the pen, at least according to their automated website. I emailed Mark’s to make sure and my doc to get an Rx in case they do

It’s kind of ridiculous that both a large doctor’s office and a large mail order pharmacy don’t have any idea how to find a reusable insulin pen, but you guys have an answer in hours. Thanks again.


The diabetics need to unite! Glad you found an answer.


Please share what you find out about getting the pen! Like if you need a prescription or whatnot. And also if the cartridges are easy to get.

The Luxura had 1/2 unit options, which was a great feature. Not sure if the Savvio has that option.

BTW, it looks like @mike_g has experience with the Savvio, so tagging him too.

When you get it, please share info and also you can add to this thread:



I have two of the savvio pens, one came from Mark’s Marine pharmacy, I think with an order of humalog penfills. Another came from a different Canadian pharmacy, I think I just ordered the pen outright.

Mark’s pharmacy has been great to do business with. I haven’t bought anything there in the past several months- I’ve been buying insulin with manufacturer discount cards, a more cost-effective option for me.

The savvio has one unit dosing.


Does Lilly not have a replacement for their 1/2 unit Luxura pen?!?!

Ugh! What’s wrong with these people?!?!

Next up, Lilly will simplify dosing even more. Dosing in even numbers only! 2, 4, 6, 8…


It’s like we are going backwards! There was a previous time when I also did not have an option for 1/2 unit dosing. But it was like when I was 5-20 years old! But then 1/2 unit syringes came out and that was incredible. (Thanks BD!!) What a breakthrough that was!

Backwards, backwards, backwards…


The cartridges are still available through Caremark, although they might be listed for the Luxura. They weren’t that easy to find, but the people doing the finding didn’t seem all that competent. It looks like I didn’t need an Rx for the Savvio after all- it was just in the wrong database at Mark’s Marine. I called on the phone, created an account with them, and ordered then without an Rx. I just need to email them a copy of my driver’s license to finish my file and they will send it out. They are fixing it in their database so in the future you should be able to order a Savvio from them online without an Rx.
The pen is only $10, but the shipping to get it in less than 2 weeks was $25. So I ordered two pens in case my son will want one.


You joke, but syringes in the last package I got (the only ones they had) hold 100 units each and have marks for every 2 units. So yeah, even number dosing or guesstimating.


Pen cartridges are really important to us, my son uses them to carry his insulin discreetly with 1-2 syringes. Much more convenient that a full vial. I hate when they make the convenient stuff harder to get, just to offer the pen in a plastic disposable sheath. At least you can still get a pen, and strip off the plastic, but it really shouldn’t be this hard.


Yes, very nice to use as a small insulin container, but they are so damn delicate.

Normal insulin vials are not quite indestructible, but they can be dropped without too much of a problem. But the pen cartridges are so fragile!

I have mine in this thingy:

FUD Link:

And I love that thing. :arrow_up:

But for other people here…if only we knew somebody cool on FUD that had access to a 3D printer, and could make a pen cartridge protective case.

But who do we know…


Help me out, Chris. Help me think of the name.


I’d like to buy a vowel. “i”.


Fragile? I’ve had a pen cartridge crack and break IN THE PEN without dropping it. It just went crunch when I tried to inject and leaked everywhere.

BTW- I’ve got a 3D printer & CAD software. Got a sketch of a design you want? I can even print in Nylon or Ninjaflex, but it’s not as easy as PLA or ABS.


Sorry, I’m not that familiar with pens and cartridges. Can you use an insulin cartridge wit a syringe, so that you only need to carry the cartridge and syringe, not a pen, too? I’m thinking to ask my endo to change my prescription so that I get vials and cartridges. Right now I just get vials.


You can. There’s even a whole other article on how to refill cartridges from vials with syringes. Since my pens leave about 16 units of insulin unused in them I use a syringe to empty them all, but if they weren’t in a pen you could use them like mini-vials. Except that since the stopper on cartridges slides you don’t even need to inject air to displace the liquid you’re pulling out like you need to do with a vial.


Sadly? (happily? depends who you ask) when my engineering student left the house the 3D printer was given to a better home than my upstairs landing. But I used to be a super cool nerd. Now I am just a nerd.


I don’t do anything with 3D printing stuff. My craft - I would basically take the right size sharpie pen cap, cut an end off, and make a stopper end with something like JB Weld. See the link above. Almost everything I make is built from something else.

If you were to print something, I think it would be like a sleeve, basically the same shape as the cartridge, only slightly larger so the cartridge fits inside. One end is narrowed, so the cartridge does not slip out, and it has a hole in it so you can put a syringe needle in to take out the insulin. And the other end has a cap to keep the cartridge from falling out the back end.

Might be something you could sell. I’d buy that.


Ah, I thought you wanted something to protect the vials like a storage case. This is even easier and the plastic it would take would cost maybe $0.03. But it would be small enough that shipping in a padded envelope wouldn’t be too bad. All I need to know is which cartridge shape to make it for- the Novolog one with threads or the Humalog one without them.


The outer portion is not threaded though?

Just from eyeballing it, they are almost the same, the Humalog one is only slightly bigger. (The Humalog ones have a slightly bigger diameter.)

I think if you make one that hold a Humalog cartridge, the Novo cartridge would also fit in it really well, perhaps?

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If they’re different diameters I think I’ll have to wait for my Humalog cartridges to arrive so I can measure one and design something to fit. Maybe I can make a universal one, but it would probably be easier to make two versions if the dimensions are different enough. I’ll post a design when I get one done.