Anyone know where to get a reusable Humalog pen? Luxura or Savvio, I don't care

That sounds awesome!

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How’s this? Novolog cartridge held in place with snaps. Hold the snaps open and push out with a small screwdriver or something to release. Helical ridges added to provide a better grip. Hopefully improves resistance to breaking, but I’m not about to drop test my last cartridge before my new ones arrive. Maybe after it’s empty. I can resize for the Humalog cartridges after they arrive and I can measure them. I can even print in lots of colors. I did severely underestimate the cost of the plastic at $0.03 though- it actually costs ~$0.23 to print depending on the filament.


Wow, that’s really awesome looking! I like it!

I think taking an empty one and inserting some water before you test it would give a better drop-test, as opposed to doing it on an empty one.

I like it a lot! Awesome stuff, @bwschulz!


if you can build the cartridge holder you could just mate it with a different pen body.

I use NovaRapid pens with digital indicator in button out of choice with NR Lantus and now Levemir

the Lantus was harder to use as you need to peal the label off to sit it into the NR cartridge holder

I can send you a brand new NR pen if that would help THEY are free here SCOTLAND.

I also have LANTUS PEN a big bigger and clumsy looking

The NR pens are metal in three colours and have the unit delivered and hour block indicator in the button

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the catridges live in a pen that protects them and is easier to carry, you still officially need to carry your needles separately

lots of us leave them on NOT THE BEST IDEA and reuse them LETS NOT START THIS CONVERSATION


I finally finished the bad insulin and tried a drop test. I filled the cartridge up with 200 units of water to give it some weight and rolled it off the bench in my kitchen, then the kitchen table (this one caused the snap to partially disengage), and then finally off the kitchen counter. The cartridge didn’t break at any height, which was better than I thought it would do. Since I only have the one cartridge I could do the control test (dropping without the case) if you’re interested, but is surviving a drop from countertop level good enough? Should I try multiple drops from this height? Any other drop heights I should try?

BTW- Mark’s Marine came through and I have my new Savvio pens and received my Humalog cartridges just in time, so I’m good to go with my meds. Also, the Humalog cartridges are wider and shorter than the Novolog ones, so I’ll have to change three numbers in my model to make it fit.


I think rolling off a table or counter is a good test. I mean, for the most part, nobody is going to TRY to break one.

Maybe doing it several times. Like if it can withstand 10 drops in the case, but breaks on the 2nd drop without the case. Or something like that.

I think a reasonable standard is not that it is indestructible, but that it’s better than it would be without the case.

But another good test is having it land on end, instead of along the length of the cartridge!

Yep, I have noticed that. It is close, but not exactly the same.


Second drop off the counter (onto oak floor) broke one of the snaps and the third chipped the other snap and cracked the glass next to it. But it’s not leaking. I think it works a bit like a bike helmet- the case breaks to absorb energy and protect what’s inside it, but takes damage and isn’t good for more than one good hit. Dropping on the stopper end would be unlikely to damage the glass or plastic and the snaps sacrificially shield the glass rim on the other end. I’m pretty sure an unprotected cartridge would crack or break on the first drop off a counter onto a hardwood floor.
But is it good enough? Do you want one? You guys have helped me enough that I’m willing to front the $0.23 plus postage to send you one or two. I can currently print in metallic gold, silver, copper; white, black, orange, dark green, dark brown, glow-in-the-dark blue (light blue but glows green), and hot pink. Also- you need one sized for a Humalog cartridge, right?


That sounds great! Yes, I’d love one. Thanks!

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This cooperation on solving real world diabetic problems is a big reason why I love FUD!


OK. Just email the color requested and your mailing address to

Would a little cut-out window in the side near the bottom to see the insulin level help? I’ve been thinking about protection and not about how it would be used.

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Just in case you ever think that answering these things is a waste of time…
I just found this discussion via Google because my Luxura is starting to act weird and my endo gave me no help (shrugs shoulders and offers me the plastic pens).
I just switched to lyumjev and love it but it really needs .5 doses. Nope. Outta luck. BUT at least, thanks to you, I ordered two pens from Mark’s - THANK YOU!!
I also called Lilly to see what they would say. I registered my thoughts with the agent.
I am distressed by the stellar increase in my carbon footprint since being diagnosed and using a CGM and insulin. I also can’t believe we can’t dose .5s on a regular basis.
Anyway, thank you!!! This was a lifesaver.


Hi @Leesy! That’s great that you got them!

So are you able to get lyumjev cartridges that work with the Luxura pen? I haven’t used that insulin yet, so I am not sure how it is delivered, like if they made cartridges or just disposable pens.

I definitely think the 1/2 unit pens are very helpful.

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Great question! I have been a Lantus/Humalog MDI for a long time and am just finding Humalog (prior Novalog) to be less effective than I want. Also the Lantus doesn’t give me 24 hrs, more like 20…so I asked my endo about it and she gave me Tujeo (haven’t tried it yet) and Lyumjev. I really love the lyumjev, but I can see how a low is much easier to attain while using it compared to the others, lol. For me, it’s great though, as I am not as good as I want to be at timing shots. All that said, lyumjev is not approved for pumps yet, but they do have 100ml cartridges, which would be perfect for me as I try to keep my carbs to 15/meal when I am being good. Which is more often than not.
Anyway, it’s worth a try! I believe their junior pens have half units as well.
I am flummoxed by how little attention is paid to the actual needs of diabetics! And I wonder what’s up with the every-three months insurance calls me about my CGM. Like my diabetes is going to go away?
Thanks for your leadership on all this stuff. I have found diabetes forums to be lifesavers.


I am not sure what they have for Lyumjev, but for their normal stuff (Humalog), Lilly makes the disposable Kwikpen which does not have 1/2 units. And they have the disposable Kwikpen Jr, which does have the 1/2 units.

As far as Novolog, I am not sure which of their pens have 1/2 versus whole units.

@Chris, can you answer that?


I actually am unsure about the Novolog pens that have 1/2 units. We have been Humalog all the way except for a few trial periods where we gave Novolog and Fiasp a try. Welcome to FUD @Leesy we exist to make information available, glad you found us.


I found pens in Canada based on someone’s help
Here on this forum!
I called Lilly and they were nice but said essentially I can’t get pens in the US anymore. I used to have the Luxura whoch gave me 1/2 units. These do not but they will take the lyumjev cartridges. I also switched and live Lyumjev AND Tujeo.
HumaPen Savvio. I paid 10$ USD per pen plus shipping. Great price. Mark’s Marine Pharmacy in Vancouver BC. Highly recommend.


Glad you found a solution, and yes Mark’s is fantastic and affordable.


Thanks, Eric! I’m trying to avoid plastic waste. The first thing I noticed when I became diabetic was the unbelievable carbon footprint that comes along with all of the medical supplies. So, I use cartridges for my bolus.
I have really been happy with Lyumjev and Tujeo, btw. Much improvement.
Still don’t understand why those who produce our products don’t do more focus groups lol!!
Best regards, Leesy