Humapen Luxura HD pen


My daughter who is 5 has been using the Humapen Luxura half dial pen since she was 1. We buy the humalog cartridges and fill it in the pen. I was just notified tonight that the Humapen Luxura.HD has been discontinued. Does anyone know of another pen I can use the humalog cartridges with? I have 6 months worth in my fridge. Or I wonder if there is a place I can buy this pen online?
Thanks for your help.


If you can’t find a replacement, you can always go with the Humalog® Junior KwikPen, which also does 1/2 unit doses, but of course is disposable.


Do you need half units? I believe the Luxura pens have been replaced by the Savvio pens (which are the smallest pens I’ve ever seen), but last I checked they could only do whole units.


Yes, sorry should of mentioned that. Since she is so little, I need half units.


Check out this discussion on refilling pens, and getting luxura from Canada.

@Eric is our expert


you could try a local diabetes educator or the sales rep - its probably worth a call
They may have a box of pens that they can no longer use if it has been discontinued

If you are stuck I suppose you could use a disposable syringe with half unit marking - its not ideal


I think the original source is unavailable. But you can find Luxura HD pens for sale from NorthWestPharmacy.com, for about US$35


I am not vouching for them. But I do have a test order with them, so I will report on that later. You will need to pay with a regular US check. I scanned mine and emailed it to them.

The Luxura HD pens, imho, are the most robust and best engineered of all pens from any manufacturer, bar none. I believe they work on all Lilly insulin cartridges, per @Jen, who has tried practically all of them! If they are really discontinued everywhere, not only in the US, it would be a shame. Stockpile time :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link on Northwest Pharmacy. Do you think they are a reputable website? I guess its my only choice right now. Maybe the hospital where.my daughter sees the doctors will have some.
After I use all my refillable cartridges, I think I will order the Humalog Junior kwikpen( thank you chris for that info)
Ahhh, the stress of diabetes!


I have only used them with Humalog, but generally the reusable pens work with all pen cartridges from the company who makes it.


It us hard to say. I think so, but… I sent them a $100 order two days ago as a test. I won’t know in time for you though :slight_smile: they have about 300,000 reviews onsite, but they are controlling the site so you never know. On the whole, Imho it is worth the risk to order a couple of pens, but we are risk takers!

Handy pen, but much bulkier reloads. We use penfills because they are much more compact.

If you get a luxura HD and like it, you may want to consider ordering a couple of spares and sticking to penfills?

The Luxura HD is built like a tank! We mostly use Novopen Echo pens because we are on Novolog, and, with all our travel, refilling penfills would be s hassle. But, if I had a choice, I would go for the Luxura first.


I just got some Luxura HD pens’s from Mark’s for about $10.


Nice!!! They did not use to carry them. I can see the Luxura HD in their online inventory now.

@Nreid77, Mark’s Marine Pharmacy is a highly reputable place in British Columbia. Many of us have had good experiences with them.

[EDIT] As a note, Mark’s appears to require a prescription to order these pens online. Possibly you don’t need one if you call.


Do you mean discontinued by manufacturer, or by your insurance?


Cvs called and told me that the pen is discontinued and they cant get it anymore.


Hi Eric,
I just just got off the phone with Lily and they told me that as of 1/17, the humapen luxura hd pen has been discontinued. Bad news.


Is there a replacement coming, or they just discontinued it? That might also be bad news for getting penfills, eventually they might want everything to come from their disposable pens and vials.


That’s what I was thinking Chris. They have a new humapen on the market but it’s only whole units instead of half which I need. Guess eventually I will need to make the change to the disposable pens.


Humalog Junior Kwikpen is the one that does half units correct?



(yes to .5 units)


Oh man… that is annoying. My son uses the 1/2 unit Humapen pen and I am an adult but use a 1/2 unit pen as well. I have a small stock of the HD pens so I am good for now but in the long term I may consider my son over to Novo Nordisk rapid acting insulin.

I like the NovoPen Echo 1/2 unit pens becasue they tell me when I gave the last dose. Very helpful for someone like me who is forgetful :slight_smile: