Where to get empty Humalog cartridges?

I have recently purchased a Lilly Luxura reuseable pen(green), assuming I could get a set of cartridges with Humulog for a reasonable price. It looks like it would cost me over $500 out of pocket. Any ideas on where I could get a couple of empty cartridges for a reasonable price. I have been using syringes for quit a while and I don’t have access to cartridges

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You can get new cartridges for about $90 for 5 cartridges from Mark’s Marine Pharmacy in Canada. And then empty them yourself by using them.

$18 per cartridge, and full of insulin. You probably won’t be able to beat that deal.

When you talk to Mark’s, just specify you want the cartridges for the Lilly Huma pen, not the Lilly KwikPen. Those guys will hook you up.


If you have access to empty Lantus Solostar pens, vials scavenged from those disposables fit quite nicely in the Luxura HD pens!
You can see how well that works here: