Online Canadian Pharmacy: CanadaDrugs.com

I have used CanadaDrugs.com several times.
A+ from me. Cheap, reliable, easy to use.

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@Eric, they don’t carry insulin??

No this one does not, but they have other supplies. The Lilly Luxura pen, for me at my U.S. pharmacy it is a $50 COPAY!! At this pharmacy, only $10 !!

Here is the product link for the Lilly Luxura HD pen.

[EDIT] Link changed per @Eric’s post below. It is likely that it will go out of date at one time or another, sdince the first link seems to have expired.

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I just ordered a couple: about $10 each, free shipping. I’ll report on the transaction.

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I am endorsing them for pens, ordered 3 of the Lilly Luxura HDs, got them in about 2.5 weeks, perfect.


That link is giving a “Page Not Found” message now.

Looks like their links are not static.

This link is working for right now,

but if they are changing their links often, it might be better to just link he main site (https://www.canadadrugs.com) and tell people to enter the item in the search.


You can also order it from MedsEngage , Really prices are low comparatively.
You can opt it.

FYI, on the above link from JohnCarry9580, I didn’t see any insulin products on that site. They have some T2 meds like metformin, but no insulin…

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Yes, you are right. I had ordered metformin from there.


The link does not work. Also, when I go on the site, I can’t find the Luxura pen (or any insulin pen). Or maybe search does not work on that site?

Hey, kaelen , i think they don’t sell insulin pen.

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Yes I got it here.