FastClix broke :(

My FastClix lancing device broke this morning. Thankfully I did have a backup one. When I removed the lancet drum, the lancet counter didn’t spin back to 6, but got stuck at 1 and the lever now moves freely without moving the counter. I can’t put a new lancet drum in there. I think it was barely two years old, which is already a lot more than those flimsy Microlet devices I used to have, which often didn’t last more than six months. I really like the fastclix, so I’ll definitely continue to use it, but I found it kind of disappointing that it already broke. Or is it normal that they break within two years?


Ours has lasted more than 2 years (going on 3) so perhaps you just got a bad sample, or perhaps you are changing the lancet so frequently that it broke. I know my son used to change them once per day, but I suspect that it is more like once per week or month at this point.

They only cost $10 on Amazon.


@Boerenkool,we are like @Chris: we have had one for 2.5 years with no trouble. I think my son does not change his lancets religiously every day like @Chris’s son does though… I suspect it might be every week or worse :slight_smile:


I use Mulitclix, which is similar but no longer sold. I have used it for at least 5 years. I replace cartridge about 1-2 times per year.

I don’t like the FastClix, but the smaller Softclix is pretty good, but no cartridge.

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That might be the problem. I change it quite frequently.

My son has been using the FastClix for over a year without problems so far. I have a backup just in case.

I think my wife uses a new lancet every time she tests my son :wink: but I am not sure about when I do it.

I got the first FastClix free with a free accu-chek meter and the back-up FastClix I got mailed free from accuchek. I can’t remember why they were mailing it for free, but maybe it was because they had some failures…

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I also got my two Fastclix mailed free from Roche. I just called them up and said I heard the Multiclix was being discontinued and wanted the new lancing devices. They mailed them or free, no problems.


Lol! You and @docslotnick! Lancet changing a few times every so many decades. :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So 2 cartridges is 12 lancets, averaging once a month. I used to change more often (when it starts to hurt). With more accurate, reliable CGMS, I average 1-2 meter BG per day now, so maybe 45 pricks per Lancet.

They are “painless” with my currently callused fingertips, due to use of the guillotine lancing device in the 80s, and huge drops of blood required then.

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Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Kim-who’s-bad-at-math. :rofl:

And I am so sorry about your fingertips. Although, maybe you would be really good at rock climbing? Already having calluses? Guitar? I am thankful that things have progressed! And that it doesn’t hurt you anymore! Or take a gallon of blood!

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Apparently there are multiple versions of the fastclix. Which one is the latest version?
First I had this:

and my backup looks like this:

This one feels cheaper, less gentle and sounds harsher. Is this an older version?

Your first image looks like one I got many years ago. On current roche website, the image looks like your second one.

The issue I have with mine is that due to multiple hand surgeries for trigger fingers, I was not able to squeeze the smaller barrel tightly. So newer, cheaper one appears it may have a fatter barrel.


Out of curiosity, did the hand surgeries address the trigger finger issue to your satisfaction?

Yes in terms of no more triggers. First surgery done over 20 years ago, last one about 5 years ago. Carpel tunnel release on both hands too, so multiple reasons for my reduction in gripping. Maybe some arthritis creeping in too!

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I have a friend who’s got a trigger thumb that drives her nuts. She’s not gotten surgery for it though. While everyone’s different, it’s always nice to hear about a success story. :smile:

Yes, having a trigger finger is a very interesting experience.
Having several at the same time is bizarre!

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I have a couple occasionally… Two middle fingers of left hand :slight_smile: I have had so many (different) surgeries that I figure I’ll wait as long as I can!

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I just had the same thing (I think this is about the 3rd time). It’s super frustrating.

That’s frustrating indeed. Mine lasted almost 2 years. Hopefully my current one lasts a little longer, though this new version doesn’t look like an upgrade to me.


At least they are good about getting a new one shipped out pretty quick. I don’t remember having this much trouble with the multi clix