Apparently I've used the same Lancing Device for 14 years

I had cause to look for another lancing device last night, and discovered that:
(1) I’ve been using the same lancing device from my very first OneTouch Ultra Mini meter since 2005
(2) I do have one spare lancing device that uses different lancets (OneTouch Delicas)
(3) I had done housecleaning and gotten rid of all of my OneTouch Delica sample lancets at some point (before I found FUD and really appreciated DHoarding)
(4) None of the new meters I’ve bought this year (3, to be exact) came with lancing devices

When did meter kits stop coming with lancing devices? What the heck?

I went ahead and ordered some OneTouch Delica lancets for my back up lancing device. I’ll be curious to see how long my other keeps working for me. 14 years is a long time for plastic and a spring.


Wow, I also didn’t realize meters no longer provide lancet devices. I’ve been using the same few for years also, but I’ve recently broke. So I’ve been wondering about how to replace the lancet device, too!

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I think I’ve been using the same lancet for 14 years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s impressive! I’ve never had one that lasted for more than 2 years. Bayer’s Microlets often broke within a year and my Fastclix lasted about 2 years, which I found very disappointing, because I really liked the device and the newer version is not an upgrade in my opinion.


Holy cow! I just checked to see if I could even buy another lancing device that matches my 14 year old favorite one…and I can for the tidy sum of $68 or two for $115.

I know people stock up on Lego sets and sell them later when they’re out of production. I guess I should do the same thing for lancing devices!!!

They don’t make them this stout anymore. I like my 14 year old lancing device. It’s sturdy. The new ones feel like they’ll break way too easily.


Whoa, crazy!


I’ve been using the lancing device from the 2003 BD Logic meter. Hope it doesn’t break…