MultiClix vs FastClix lancet devices

I think these will still be good 50 years from now.

Yep. Of course the doc was required to write the multiclix Lancet script to say use once per BG test. So I think I only filled for one 90 day supply X 6 tests per day. And I have plenty. My device will probably break or wear out before I run out of the lancets. And they don’t sell the device anymore.

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Yeah, but there are a lot of people that like that one with the button on the side, so you could probably sell it on ebay and pay for your next 50 years of lancets.

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The new device is called FastClix. I like the old one a bit better, but the new one has advantages too.

I liked the Fast Clix for changing lancets, but I much prefer the One Touch Delica in terms of how little blood it can draw. For us a small blood spot is a big difference.

Have you tried dialing down the depth of travel?

WE do use the shallowest setting, but for whatever reason Samson finds this one less painful. I mean, it’s possible he may not even find it less painful (he complains it hurts but he’s not always reliable) but either way it bothers him less. Maybe the FastClix is just louder and more aggressive sounding?

Also I think even the shallowest setting still drew more blood on the FastClix. With the Delica, the shallowest setting doesn’t even draw blood on me.

I am one of those people that like the button on the side. 50+ years t1d, Carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgeries on both hands, and I need that button !
The fastclix is too skinny.

I recently got a soft-clix, which is smaller and no drum. But it has button on the side !!!

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I might have one of those side buttons. With drums. All yours if you want it.

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Are you talking about the Multiclix? If so I’d love to take it off your hands!

Sure. I only have one box of drums left though for it - 17 drums which is 102 lancets. And this might be a deal killer. It looks like the drums are expired. I don’t know if we have good test data from the R&D dept on expired lancet drums.


If you are wondering about expired drums, let me issue a challenge to you. I don’t think you can find a place to store them for several years that would make them unusable.

If I gave you a brand new lancet drum, which expired 5 years from now, and let you choose where you would store it - 5 years in your garage, your basement, your attic - and you had to make it go bad by choosing the worst place to store it, I don’t think you could do it. Storing it in your oven is not allowed! Storing it in your saltwater aquarium is not allowed! Other than that, I don’t think you could make it go bad.


Well - if you are going to put all kinds of crazy restrictions on where I can’t store it then…


Given the plastic components of the device, and where you live, the attic storage might be questionable.

Thanks for the offer, but I have a backup. At one time, the multiclix devices were included in box with meter, so I ended up with at least 2.

Sounds like Michel could use it.

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A nice warm swamp.

Until it freezes over for the winter.

I used a Multiclix for years and loved it. When I switched to the Fastclix recently, I found the lack of a button annoying. But I’ve since gotten used to it, and I actually like it better than the Multiclix now.

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I have plenty of them!

OMG you are right I can’t use it-- NOT! These drums never die :slight_smile:

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For those who don’t know the device(s), both of them are GREAT, I’ll explain why below. Compared here are the older generation, the Multiclix, and the newer generation, the Fastclix:


When using the Multiclix, you prime it by loading the spring before getting ready for the lancet punch, pushing with your thumb on the back. When you are ready, you release it with the release button on the side.

With the Fastclix, instead, you don’t prime it, but push the back button when you are ready to punch.

When they introduced the Fastclix, I thought it would be much more difficult to punch rather than release when in awkward positions – but I found out since that it is not such a big deal. Still, I have a slight preference for the Multiclix :slight_smile:

Why I find both devices the best for all but toddlers:

  • Fully self-contained, with no worries to have at all about the lancet since it is totally enclosed in the head

  • the head carries 6 lancets

  • you can dispose of the head without using a sharps container

  • very cost effective

  • slim, looks and feels like a largish pen

  • for travel and storage, one extra head is much more compact than 6 lancets

  • and, of course, like all lancet devices, can be reused as much as you are comfortable with it if you want to.

All in all, my favorite lancet device(s)!