Expired test strips: do they work?

I felt like maybe I was a bit low (I started metformin yesterday, so that’s started to kick in). All were from the same fingerstick except the last one. Still maintaining the one mmol/L difference between meters. I’ll try the next batch when I get a spike or a real low.

Neo One
3.1 4.3
3.2 4.3
3.2 4.2
3.1 4.3
3.3 4.5


Interesting, about 1.5 mmol/L difference between the two this time, but otherwise still quite consistent between tests. I tested on my Contour Next USB to see what it gave me, and it said 6.3 mmol/L. I ate lunch recently, so I’m inclined to believe that the higher reading is correct. It’s too bad I don’t have some un-expired Precision strips to compare to. The interesting part of this is that, since some meters read lower than others, I imagine that it could have an impact on people’s A1c and overall control.

Neo One
4.9 6.3
4.7 6.3
4.8 6.3
4.6 6.2
4.9 6.2

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@Jen, I am curious, did you notice the discrepancy between the two when you switched meters? Do you think this is a meter-based difference, or a time-based one?

I just tried to look on Amazon.ca for new Precision Neo strips but could not find any.

Yes, each time I switch meters I notice a difference. And in fact, I think that the fact that the Contour Next reads higher (in general, at least I’ve found) than One Touch is one reason my A1c actually improved.

For some reason we don’t have any deals on Amazon like you guys do. I saw 50 strips for $23 (Canadian) on Amazon.com, but they don’t ship to Canada. On Canadian sites, all I can find are 100 strips for $78. Given that these expired strips are performing pretty well, I think I’ll probably use them for swimming and my backup meter (but then, since my control is so tight right now, the 1.0 - 1.5 mmol/L difference may actually negatively affect me, so I haven’t totally decided yet!).

Ok, you inspired me to go past the cobwebs and find what was hiding in the back of my closet. I found the following expired items:

Accu-chek multiclix lancets, exp 10-2015.
A1C Now, box of 2 only 1 left. Expired 09-2013.
BD syringes 8mms, 31g. No exp. Rec 12-2013
Contour next strips, exp 05-2015.
1 partial box of Medtronic Sof-sensors. 11-2010.

Anyone want some Sof-sensors?

I will do some comparisons of the contour next strips when I get my shipment from AZ this week for new strips.


That’s awesome!

I can try and maintain a spreadsheet for all expired strips if I can think of a way to record and display results that makes sense.

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And what about ketone strips? I think I have some expired (probably >5 years) Precision Xtra Ketone strips.

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Test them out if you get a chance. We use ketone strips here, so no meter. They get weird if exposed to humidity, but I am guessing they still work fine if expired.

i appreciate your guinea pig tests; usually we leave that up to eric. but these are incredible. i am glad that you included the above mentioned disclaimer regarding different meters. i have found quite different BG readings from different meters consistently. some read “higher,” and some read “lower”. how do you choose which meter to rely upon? my only guess is that when i have my A1c done, which ever meter has proven to give me closer readings would be the more accurate one to use.

i think that the bottom line is when your feel you are crashing, and one “expired” test strip reads 120 and the other “unexpired” reads 50, you know which one to rely upon. :wink: (of course, we all know that you could be crashing at 120, too, if you are crashing from 200 )

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The lab blood test is a great idea, but until you can do that, go with your Contour Next One as your go-to “decision” meter.

When you get your A1C, test all your meters at that time!


well, of course. they already think i am quite eccentric anyhow, so what would be out of line for me if i pulled 5 meters out of my bag with all my different strips… :wink:


They would think you are crazy like a fox!

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and then i would ask them for some test strip samples :wink: (and then i would ask them for some insulin samples as well )

(and then i would ask them for one or two new meters )


…and then they would give you whatever you want, just to get you out of their office…


they would do anything to cut short my hoarding


I have compared my expired contour Next strips 2015-05, with my new batch, exp 2019-04-30 over the past week.

Used same drop of blood and 2 different Next USB meters. Also tested on my verio if there was enough blood.

Results are that the expired strips worked great.
10 strips from each batch.
New strips, average 125.4, range 106-158.
Exp. Strips, average 126 3, range 108-159.

7 of 10 were within 5 pts, 3 within 6-9 pts.

Average on competing verio meter was 120.6, and was 145 when Next tested 158, 159 from same drop. Other than that, verio was within 7 points.
But that has been my experience with verio. Most times I think it is accurate, and is in line with dexcom. But sometimes I feel I can’t trust it.


I saw this today:
(thanks @Thomas)

Test Strip Stability
"Stability testing protocols and acceptance criteria for the Contour NEXT EZ test strips were reviewed and found to be acceptable. The manufacturer claims shelf life stability and open-vial stability of 18 months at the recommended storage temperatures of 5-30°C."

I was happy to see the part about open-vial stability. That’s a fairly important thing. Some strips are much more fragile when they are outside.


MM2, if you can give me the individual points, I will enter them in a summary spreadsheet – I am in the process of entering @Jen’s.

@Jen, let me know when you are ready to do the comp, or if you are going to run more – I will capture as well.

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Any update on expired test strips; do they work?