A little safety stash behind your PDM

I don’t carry a lot of D crap with me when I leave the house. I just take the bare minimum stuff. I found a good place to stash a few extra things for unforeseen events.

  • If you have a PDM gelskin case, you can put a couple of alcohol swabs behind the PDM. They fit between the PDM and the case, nice and flat, so you don’t even notice them. Great for when you don’t have access to water to clean your fingers for a BG check.


  • My fingers are tough from so many BG tests, and I frequently bend lancets on them. An emergency lancet wouldn’t fit very well behind the case, it was not flat enough. So I made an emergency lancet that is very flat (shown here next to a regular lancet for scale). Very easy to make - just a needle, some epoxy, and a bit of duct tape. This fits very well behind the PDM.

  • And the last thing I put behind the PDM is a few spare test strips. Just a little emergency stash.

Anyway, it’s 3 things that are totally out of the way but provides for emergency situations.


But @Eric, how do you fit that modified lancet into the poker device? Wait, don’t tell me that you use it free hand :astonished:.


Yes, free hand. That’s my preferred method now.

They don’t make the springs strong enough.


I’ve used lancets freehand plenty of times, in part bc sometimes the tip of my lancet-device-thing falls off in my bag and then gets lost for a while (I have a bad habit of tossing my test kit back in unzipped). If you use a fresh/sharp lancet, it’s not bad at all, although it’s not my preference. Not a bad thing to feel comfortable doing as a backup just in case.


With that DIY lancet, you might have some 'splainin to do at airport security … :thinking: