Scream of...bomb threat?

A friend of mine texted me this evening and asked “do they really do this!?!“

Yep. Yes, indeed, they do.

I couldn’t decide whether or not it was funny. I did feel totally bad for the dude who ended up getting basically harassed by the cops. Can’t blame anyone in the situation. But the moral of the story (aside from always carrying a paper clip) is to not try to hide the damn thing. I might suggest throwing it into traffic.

Although someone else suggested using an earring! Brilliant!!!


I’ve actually had several too many “screamers” which couldn’t be silenced with the PDM. It finally dawned on me one day when I was frantically bending open a paperclip that I could use a lancet, which is always with me!

Lancets work like a charm!


A nail scissors or wire cake tester work well, too…


Unless you use Fastclix or Multiclix!!!


Yes, that is what I use, too, for screamers. Always carry a tiny lancet.



And the cake thing @CatLady! So smart!

I tried using a vice grip once, and it did not work well enough. I finally resorted to a 5 pound sledge hammer on the floor of my brother-in-law’s garage at 2 AM. I could only imagine how angry he would’ve been if I woke up his children.

Admittedly, we have found last weekend while sharing two hotel rooms with an adjoining door with friends, that the alarms on both the Dexcom and the Omnipod are loud enough to wake up our neighbors when we sleep right through them. Awkward!


My pod started screaming while I was walking back to my car after a meeting…and since it was on my thigh, I had to wait to get home to take it off. Since I can never find a paper clip when I need one, I grabbed the first thing like one that came to mind! :smile_cat:

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I have to mention…we were in a doctor’s office this Tuesday and EH was having a suspicious mole removed for biopsy. I decided he’d better remove the pod because it was close to the site of the mole (duh! Why did we stick it there days before this appointment?!? No idea!). Anyhow I carefully deactivated it, and failed because from my back pocket I heard the scream of a dying pod. So I thought “no problem!” And found a paper clip. Which I couldn’t make work. So I got out the safety pin. Nope. Tried a lancet but we use the Fastclix. And meanwhile the nurse has wheeled in the cart full of tools and I’m frantically trying to find the dratted hole on the pod to shut it up while squeezing my fingers over the speaker and muttering. It took me at least eight minutes to turn it off. I considered jumping up and down on it, but decided against that, and I did look for any other tools, but the dermatologist office didn’t have a hammer handy. They did have liquid nitrogen I think but I figured I would get arrested for trying to use that to deactivate the pod. Eventually EH found a photo on FUD with an arrow pointing at what area to stab. But it was so hard! Man! At least the cops didn’t come. :sweat_smile: :wink:


This makes me think easy access might be a must!

This morning I thought my pod was screaming, I had just gotten to work and was talking to the admin desk when I hear an alarm. Anyway I run back to my office to grab the PDM and realize nope, it wasn’t me, it was an alarm for something else… My admin now thinks I am crazy! lol


Ha! That’s amazing. I’m sorry your admin thinks your nuts BUT someday maybe they’ll hear the real thing and understand. :joy: