Shutting off Omnipod deactivation alarm: suggestions

I did a quick google search related to Omnipod alarms. Just 'cause I am curious.

I didn’t seem to get many hits on people not noticing.

Many many suggestions for how to shut off the various alarms which included driving over the device with your car tire.

It was pretty amusing…


My niece’s best friend who is 14 shuts off the alarm with a hammer. In a rather gleeful manner in the back yard. :grinning:


I LOVE that! Such a satisfying thing to do: FU Diabetes!

This would be a wonderful video to display here :slight_smile: Hint, hint as @MaryPat writes…

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I’ll text my niece tonight! Let’s see if we can get a hammer vs. OmniPod video! EH is getting his OmniPod shipped this week - it was approved via pharmacy benefit and $199 out of pocket for the PDM. So we will have one to smash up soon too.


So awesome!!! Mazel Tov!

For your new pump, shattering the first pod feels to me like breaking a glass under the chuppah!


Thank you! Yes! I almost can’t believe it. Will report back when it actually arrives. :crossed_fingers:

And yes, I’ve got a mallet waiting in the wings for breaking the first pod. It’ll probably be as close as Eric and I will be to finding ourselves united under a chuppah*, so I’ll try to remember to make a video! Festivities under a chuppah always seem so festive!

*We’ve been dating (by mutual choice) for 17 years in January! Although I also thought the OmniPod/UHC thing was impossible at first, so maybe I shouldn’t say anything is unlikely. :wink:


Ha! I know the feeling. Back when I got my first cell phone I gleefully smashed my accursed pager into smithereens. Very satisfying!


Changed the category to reflect that this is a humorous thread! :smile_cat:


HA! Good call on smashing things, I guess we all need to get out the rage from time to time.

This is very humorous now. Nice move @CatLady!

Also, @Eric once posted about how to silence a pod alarm, seriously, over on this other thread. And when @EricH was testing out a real pod with just water in it, we forgot to start out by silencing it. So we wound up using a safety pin, which worked better than our paperclips to silence it while it was ON his arm. I will say, that was difficult, and I think that it is better to silence it off the body. But it CAN be done, if you’re testing the thing.


Omg. Phew! Let’s go Cubs!!